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Service NameDepartmentCategory
Abandoned Vehicle on Street or Roadway POL Public Safety & Human Rights
Abandoned Vehicles on Private Property HCA Resident & Community Services
About County Government CEX About the County
About the County CEX About the County
Abuse by Domestic Partner HHS Health & Social Services
Abuse of Vulnerable Adult HHS Health & Social Services
Addiction HHS Health & Social Services
Administrative Judge’s Administrative Aides CCT Court & Legal Issue
Adult Health Care Services HHS Health & Social Services
Advance Directive/Living Wills ROW Court & Legal Issue
Adventure Theatre at Glen Echo Park Other Resident & Community Services
African American Health Initiative HHS Health & Social Services
Agricultural Services DED Business & Consumer Protection
Air Quality Forecast and Action Guide DEP Resident & Community Services
Airpark Other Resident & Community Services
Alcoholic Beverage Licensure, Regulation and Education LIQ Business & Consumer Protection
Alert Montgomery OEMHS Public Safety & Human Rights
Alimony/Spousal Support CCT Court & Legal Issue
American Film Institute (AFI) Other Resident & Community Services
Animal Services POL Resident & Community Services
Apartment Rental Guide HCA Resident & Community Services
Appeals of Circuit Court Rulings CCT Court & Legal Issue
Aquatic Centers and Programs REC Resident & Community Services
Arts & Humanities Council Other Resident & Community Services
Asian American Health Initiative HHS Health & Social Services
Ask-a-Librarian LIB Resident & Community Services
Assignment Office, Circuit Court CCT Court & Legal Issue
Assisted Living for Seniors HHS Health & Social Services
Auto Repair & Towing Facilities License OCP Business & Consumer Protection
Automatic Fire Sprinklers FRS Public Safety & Human Rights