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Service NameDepartmentCategory
DED Business Programs & Incentives DED Business & Consumer Protection
Deeds, Deeds of Trust; Recording of CCT Court & Legal Issue
Demolition Permit DPS Business & Consumer Protection
Dental Services HHS Health & Social Services
Design For Life Montgomery HHS Health & Social Services
Differentiated Case Management CCT Court & Legal Issue
Disability Services HHS Health & Social Services
Discrimination Complaints HR Public Safety & Human Rights
Disease Control & Epidemiology HHS Health & Social Services
Dog Exercise Areas PARK Resident & Community Services
Domiciliary Care License HHS Business & Consumer Protection
Donations FIN County Governance
Door to Door Vendor License DPS Business & Consumer Protection
Driver's License Other Transportation
Driver's License - from MVA Other Business & Consumer Protection
Driveway Permit DPS Business & Consumer Protection
Drug Court Programs CCT Court & Legal Issue