RainScapes Terms

Requirements & Guidelines


RainScapes projects are designed to slow the speed of rainwater runoff, increase the groundwater supply by making it easier for water to soak into the ground and reduce the total amount of dirty water which ever reaches our streams.  Rain Gardens, Conservation Landscapes and Canopy trees, as well as projects such as Permeable Paver Retrofits are examples of types of projects which have multiple benefits and are particularly well suited to soaking water into the ground and reducing stormwater runoff.  Additional environmental benefits from those projects and other RainScapes projects such as rain barrels, cisterns and green roofs include reduced energy costs, reduced potable water consumption and improved air quality in our neighborhoods. Dry wells are also an option, and are particularly useful when combined with other types of RainScapes projects such as conservation landscaping and rain gardens.

Before you decide to implement a RainScapes project most suited to your environmental goals, please download and read the Requirements and Guidelines document(s)located in the 'Resources' box on the right. When you are ready to apply for a rebate, please use the links below.

All rebate projects, except rain barrel projects, must be preapproved prior to installation.
Rain Barrel projects must meet our criteria, but can be submitted for rebate without preapproval.

The money for rebates is allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

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