RainScapes Terms

Requirements & Guidelines


Red Asterisk denotes mandatory fields

1. Dry Well Location

Physical Description of Location of Dry Well (e.g., back of house on the right, front of house on left etc.,) *

2. Size and Dimensions

Size(gal) of Dry Well
(Use Montgomery County Specifications)

Dry Well Dimensions (Ft.)

What are your project goals?

3. Roof Drainage Area to Dry Well

Square Feet of Building's Roof draining to dry well (Sq. Ft) (Stand on the ground to measure the length and width of the roof - do not measure the slope of the roof) (Google maps has a good measuring tool) *

Total Roof Area (Sq. Ft) *

4. Drainage Issues

Does your house have a basement and/or a sump pump?

If you answered yes above, have you ever experienced basement flooding, or does your pump run regularly?

If you answered 'yes' to the above question, please explain

5. Do your soils drain?(PERC Test)

You MUST do a required Drainage Test to determine whether the soils on your site are acceptable to do a Rain Garden(this test is done in the same area that the Rain Garden is proposed to be built)

Dig a 2' deep and 1' wide drainage test pit, fill it with water and note the time to drain

After 36 hours, was the hole empty?

First Fill - Time to Drain(hours)

Within 12 hours of the hole emptying, fill the hole a second time and record the time to drain
The second filling should drain within 24 to 46 hours, if not, discuss other alternatives with RainScapes Staff!

Second Fill - Time to Drain(hours)

6. Dry Well Type

Is this a single downspout drywell, or will there be multiple downspouts linked into this drywell?

Number of Downspouts (if multiple)

Where does your roof leader currently drain?

Size of Dry Well (gallons)

Who will be constructing the dry well?

7. Contractor/installer (if applicable)

Contractor Name

Contractor Address

Contractor Phone

Contractor Email

8. Project Cost

Total Estimated Cost($) *

Rebate Requested
Check max. rebate allowed for your project

I agree to allow reasonable access to the RainScapes project site for periodic public tours organized by DEP

How did you hear about the RainScapes program?