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1. Project Description

Physical Description of project location *

Briefly describe your project's goals

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Describe access to property for maintenance

How much sunlight will the project area receive?

2. Size and Dimensions of Turf Area to be Converted

Size in Square Feet (SF) overall (if removing turf from multiple locations on the property) *

Dimensions of area(s) to be converted (length X width of each area) *

Total Existing Turf Area on Property before removal of turf (Sq. Ft.) *

3. Installation

Who will preform the installation?

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4. Planting Plan (email a sketch of the area drawn at 1"=10', 1/8"=1', or 1/4"=1') Start work after approval

Where will you obtain your plants?

What guidance documents or resources are you using to plan your landscape?

How will you dispose of the removed turf?

If you selected 'Other', please specify

If you are removing invasive species, describe your disposal method

Where will you obtain soil amendments and mulch?

Impervious (Roof/Patio/Driveway) Area that drains to the proposed planting area (SF)

Drainage area (non-roof) that drains to the proposed planting area (SF)

5. Required Documentation

Please indicate a method by which you will send the below Required Documents (email/fax/ US Mail/Other)

Sketch of the area drawn at 1"=10', 1/8"=1" or 1/2"= 1' *

Detailed plant list including species,spacing,sizes and plant density *

Documentation showing HOA approval of my project *

6. Project Cost

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Rebate Requested($)
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I agree to allow reasonable access to the RainScapes project site for periodic public tours organized by DEP

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