RainScapes Terms

Requirements & Guidelines


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1. Project Information

Project Type

Description of Project Goals

If you selected "Other" in the previous question, please explain your project goals

Physical Description of Location of Pavement that will be removed (back of house on the right, front of house on left, etc) *

Sequence of demolition, site prep and installation

Is the existing pavement sloped? Note: Sloped sites with pavement removed will need prompt stabilization

Sun Exposure – Full Shade, Partial Shade, Full Sun

Physical Description of New planted area. Be sure to check for overhead wires or obstructions if you want to plant tree(s) and have your utilities marked.

2.Size and Dimensions

Total Paved Area on Lot (Sq. Ft) *

Area of Pavement to be removed (Sq. Ft) *

Dimensions of Pavement to be removed (Sq. Ft)

Percentage of Total Existing Paved Area removed: area removed / total paved area currently on lot(%)

3. Pavement Disposal

How will you dispose of your pavement?

4. Demolition and Installation

Who will perform the Demolition/Installation?

If using a contractor, please indicate which part of the work the contractor will be doing

Contractor/Group Name

Contractor Address

Contractor Phone

Contractor Email

5. Plant Information

Where will you obtain your plants?(Please email a detailed plant list including species, spacing, sizes and plant density)

What guidance documents or resources are you using to plan your landscape?

6. Project Cost

Total Estimated Cost($) *

Rebate Requested($)
Check max. rebate allowed for your project

I agree to allow reasonable access to the RainScapes project site for periodic public tours organized by DEP

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