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Registered Lobbyists and Filed Activity Reports

Below is Registration and Activity Reporting information lobbyists have provided. The dollar figures in the far right columns are the total of expenses reported by Registered Lobbyists for the semi-annual period stated at the top of the column. Click a dollar amount to view the detailed information submitted on a specific Activity Report.

Summary of Lobbying Expenses Reported First half of 2023 : $1,054,381.00

Second half of 2023 : $0.00

Total for the Year 2023 : $1,054,381.00

Lobbyist Name PrincipalLobbyist’s FirmAdditional Lobbyists Lobbying MatterDate of RegistrationFirst Half
Jan 1 - June 30
Second Half
July 1 -Dec 31
Ashlie BagwellRestaurant Association of MarylandHarris Jones & Malone, LLC  Any and all matters pertaining to the restaurant industry, specifically tip-credit.08/18/2023
Barbara ZektickOracleZ&C, LLC  administrative - technology modernization/cloud migration09/19/2023
Barbara ZektickRoute ReportsZ&C, LLC  administrative - AI deployment for road inspections09/19/2023
Matthew M. GordonGeneral Conference of Seventh-day AdventistsSelzer Gurvitch Rabin Wertheimer & Polott, P.C.  Fairland & Briggs Chaney Master Plan09/07/2023
C. Robert DalrympleSnell PropertiesSelzer Gurvitch Rabin Wertheimer & Polott, P.C.Matthew M. Gordon Bill 15-23 and 16-2307/21/2023
Steve silvermanSligo Avenue,LLCSSGOVRELATIONS,LLC  Real estate matters09/14/2023
Timothy DuganVerizon Maryland LLCBean Kinney & Korman, P.C.  Fairland and Briggs Chaney Master Plan08/28/2023
Dan ReedGreater Greater WashingtonGreater Greater Washington  Greater Greater Washington is a nonprofit that works to advance racial, economic, and environmental justice in land use, transportation, and housing throughout Greater Washington. In Montgomery County, we will advocate for issues related to land use, transportation and housing.07/31/2023 $5,887.00
Stewart SchwartzCoalition for Smarter Growth (parent org is PiedmoCoalition for Smarter Growth (parent org is Piedmo  Land use issues, including transit-oriented development and small area plans; better transit; affordable housing; safe streets07/31/2023 $156.00
Caroline Marie KisickiCoalition for Smarter Growth (Parent Org: PiedmontCoalition for Smarter Growth (Parent Org: Piedmont  Land use issues, including transit-oriented development and small area plans; better transit; affordable housing; safe streets07/31/2023 $268.00
Danielle FreedmanPepco Holdings, Inc.Pepco Holdings, Inc.  All matters affecting the energy and utilities industry.01/09/2023 $0.00
Steven SilvermanSo What Else,Inc.SSGOVRELATIONS,LLC  Financial Support for SWE02/27/2023 $7,500.00
Steven SilvermanRockville Housing EnterprisesSSGOVRELATIONS,LLC  Real estate matters05/18/2023 $6,250.00
Steve SilvermanStonebridge Acquisitions.LLCSSGOVRELATIONS LLC  Real estate matters01/10/2023 $3,750.00
Steve SilvermanWillco Construction Inc.SSGOVRELATIONS LLC  Real estate matters01/10/2023 $30,000.00
Steve SilvermanWestfield Property Management,LLCSSGOVRELATIONS LLC  Real estate matters01/10/2023 $0.00
Steve SilvermanWashington Property Company,LLCSSGOVRELATIONS,LLC  Real estate matters01/10/2023 $12,500.00
Steve silvermanVPR Companies,LLCSSGOVRELATIONS LLC  Real estate matters01/10/2023 $14,375.00
Robert GaragiolaCVS Health and all affiliated subsidiariesCompass Government Relations Partners, LLC  Procurement02/09/2023 $3,000.00
Robert GaragiolaLockheed MartinCompass Government Relations Partners, LLC  Labor & Employment Matters,Corporate governance matters,Tax matters04/18/2023 $2,850.00
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