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Registered Lobbyists and Filed Activity Reports

Below is Registration and Activity Reporting information lobbyists have provided. The dollar figures in the far right columns are the total of expenses reported by Registered Lobbyists for the semi-annual period stated at the top of the column. Click a dollar amount to view the detailed information submitted on a specific Activity Report.

Summary of Lobbying Expenses Reported First half of 2022 : $54,313.00

Second half of 2022 : $0.00

Total for the Year 2022 : $54,313.00

Lobbyist Name PrincipalLobbyist’s FirmAdditional Lobbyists Lobbying MatterDate of RegistrationFirst Half
Jan 1 - June 30
Second Half
July 1 -Dec 31
William EllisPepco Holdings, Inc.Pepco Holdings, Inc.  All matters affecting the energy and utilities industry.12/23/2021
Erin BradleyApartment & Office Building AssociationApartment & Office Building AssociationRyan Washington Commercial and Multifamily real estate and utility issues04/07/2022
Jena CollinsApple Inc.Apple Inc.  Matters pertaining to technology12/27/2021
Steven SilvermanThe Donohoe Companies,IncSSGOVRELATIONS,LLC  Real estate matters01/05/2022
Steven SilvermanFoulger-Pratt Residential,LLcSSGOVRELATIONS,LLC  Real estate matters01/05/2022
Steven SilvermanFoundation HousingSSGOVRELATIONS,LLC  Real estate issues and financial support from county01/05/2022
Steven SilvermanGuardian RealtySSGOVRELATIONS,LLC  Real estate issues01/05/2022
Steven SilvermanThe High Road Foundation,Inc.SSGOVRELATIONS,LLC  Transportation issues01/05/2022
Steven SilvermanMontgomery Mall Owner,LLCSSGOVRELATIONS,LLC  Real estate matters01/05/2022
Steven SilvermanThe NonProfit VillageSSGOVRELATIONS,LLC  Financial support from county01/05/2022
Sarah ReddingerHabitat for Humanity Metro Maryland, Inc.Habitat for Humanity Metro Maryland, Inc.Jeff Dee, Tim Warner Affordable Housing, Land Use & Zoning, Racial Equity, Social Justice12/10/2021
Nancy P. Regelin, Esq.Lois Wheaton, LLCShulman, Rogers, Gandal, Pordy & Ecker, P.A.  Glenmont Redevelopment12/21/2021
Steven SilvermanCP7272 Wisconsin Ave,LLCSSGOVRELATIONS,LLC  Real estate01/05/2022
Steven SilvermanFivesquares Development at Grosvenor Metro,LLCSSGOVRELATIONS,LLC  Real estate01/05/2022
Steven SilvermanSaul Centers,Inc.SSGOVRELATIONS,LLC  Real estate01/05/2022
Steven SilvermanLerner Enterprises,Inc.SSGOVRELATIONS,LLC  Real estate matters01/05/2022
Roger MannoUA Plumbers & Gasfitters Local 5Manno & Associates LLC  Matters generally relating to union construction contracting, prevailing wages, project labor agreements, workplace fraud, wage theft, misclassification, etc.12/28/2021
Steven SilvermanPolinger CompanySSGOVRELATIONS,LLC  Real estate matters01/05/2022
Steven SilvermanTower Construction Group,LLCSSGOVRELATIONS,LLC  Real estate matters01/05/2022
Steven SilvermanVPR Companies,LLCSSGOVRELATIONS,LLC  Real estate matters01/05/2022
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