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Service NameDepartmentCategory
Bag Law CEX Resident & Community Services
Bag Tax (payment) FIN Resident & Community Services
Baltimore Symphony Orchestra at Strathmore Other Resident & Community Services
BAPA's Imagination Stage Other Resident & Community Services
Beautify Your Community MCDOT Resident & Community Services
Behavioral Health Services, Accessing HHS Health & Social Services
Benefit Performance License DPS Business & Consumer Protection
Bethesda Events Other Resident & Community Services
Bethesda-Chevy Chase Regional Services Center RSC-BCC Resident & Community Services
Bicycle Registration POL Public Safety & Human Rights
Bikeway Maps MCDOT Transportation
Bikeway Program MCDOT Transportation
Bingo License HHS Business & Consumer Protection
BlackRock Center for the Arts Other Resident & Community Services
Blue Recycling Bin DEP Public Works
Board of Education Other Resident & Community Services
Boards, Committees & Commissions CEX County Governance
Breast & Cervical Cancer Screening HHS Health & Social Services
Budget Information OMB County Governance
Builder Sediment Control Permit DPS Business & Consumer Protection
Building & Construction Services DPS Business & Consumer Protection
Building or Zoning Violation Complaint DPS Business & Consumer Protection
Building Permit DPS Business & Consumer Protection
Building/Construction Inspection DPS Business & Consumer Protection
Bulk Trash or Scrap Metal Collection DEP Public Works
Burning Permit DEP Resident & Community Services
Business Information from Libraries LIB Business & Consumer Protection
Business Innovation Network DED Business & Consumer Protection
Business License CCT Business & Consumer Protection