Apply for RainScapes Rewards Rebates

Special Notice: Thank you for your interest in the RainScapes Rewards Rebate Program. Due to high demand and the number of current applications to process, the program will take a planned pause starting September 2, 2022. We will be working with those applications we have already received and will continue to do so through the pause. No new applications will be accepted while we are closed. If you are visiting this site after Sept 1st, please check back here on Feb 1, 2023 when we will restart accepting applications until March 31, 2023. We will announce our reopening in mid-January / through posting on our website, the RainScapes Gazette and DEP social media.

Aviso especial: Gracias por su interés en el programa de reembolso RainScape Rewards. Debido a la alta demanda y al gran número de solicitudes para procesar, el programa hará una pausa planificada a partir del 2 de septiembre de 2022. Trabajaremos con las solicitudes que ya hemos recibido y seguiremos haciéndolo durante la pausa. No se aceptarán nuevas solicitudes durante esta pausa. Si visita este sitio después del 1 de septiembre, vuelva a visitarlo el 1 de febrero de 2023, cuando volveremos a aceptar solicitudes hasta el 31 de marzo de 2023. Anunciaremos nuestra reapertura a mediados de enero a través de la publicación en nuestra página web, la Gaceta de RainScapes y las redes sociales de DEP.

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* Be sure to record your application submission date and number when you finish.

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Follow these steps to make sure you have a successful application:
Step 1: Are you in the right place? Have you visited our home page and looked at our project manuals at to learn about the RainScapes project types?
Step 2: What you should know before you start:
  • The application will take approximately 15-20 minutes. Applications should be completed.
  • Once you submit your application, someone will typically get back to you within 2 weeks.
  • This is what you will need:
With the exception of rain barrels RainScapes projects must be pre-approved prior to installation.
The money for rebates is allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.