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Update: Two Suspects Charged in Wheaton Shooting

For Immediate Release: Thursday, July 31, 2014

Detectives have arrested a 13-year-old and 19-year-old for the shooting of an 18-year-old female that occurred yesterday morning in Wheaton.  Both suspects were located yesterday afternoon and taken into custody by officers.

Investigators believe that both suspects are associated with the "Little r" gang.  Police believe that gang members thought the victim was divulging information about gang activity to police, and the two suspects conspired to shoot the victim as an act of retaliation.

The first suspect, identified as the shooter, is a 13-year-old male. He was charged as a juvenile and therefore his name and photograph will not be released. He faces charges related to attempted murder, armed robbery, conspiracy, and handgun offenses.  He is being detained at the Alfred D. Noyes Children's Center in Rockville.

The second suspect, Eber Umanzor, 19 years old, of the 3000 block of University Boulevard in Kensington, faces the following charges: attempt first degree murder, armed robbery, and three counts of conspiracy relating to first degree murder, armed robbery, and retaliation in regard to a witness.  He is currently being held without bond at the Central Processing Unit.

Investigators have learned that the victim and three other females were on foot in the Wheaton area during the early morning hours of Wednesday, July 30. They walked to different locations in the Wheaton area, in part to purchase food.  During this time, the victim and one other female in the group, were texting the suspects, who were known to them.

It was during this sequence of events that a white SUV driven by Umanzor stopped in front of the victim and the other females at the intersection of Plyers Mill Road and Douglas Avenue. Umanzor exited the vehicle and began walking toward them. The juvenile suspect, who had exited the vehicle and then had concealed himself in nearby shrubbery, left the shrubbery and approached the victim, armed with a handgun. As the victim turned to flee, the juvenile suspect shot the victim once in the back.  The victim then fell and he moved closer and shot her multiple times. He took her mobile phone and fled in the white SUV driven by Umanzor.

Police were called and the victim was transported to a local trauma center where she was treated and ultimately released yesterday afternoon.

A white SUV registered to Umanzor and believed to be used in the crime, was also located at his residence.  The gun has not been recovered.


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