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MCP Awards Ceremony – Award Recipients

For Immediate Release: Friday, September 11, 2015

The Montgomery County Police Department held its Fall Quarterly Awards Ceremony on September 9 at the Public Safety Headquarters. The awards ceremony featured the presentation of the 2014 Supervisor of the Year Awards, Life Saving Awards, and Commendations. The award recipients are as follows:

2014 Supervisor of the Year:

Sworn - Sergeant Brian Dillman, Supervisor of the Special Weapons and Tactics Team (SWAT)

Non-Sworn - Mr. Brian Acken, Director of the Information Management and Technology Division

                                   Life Saving Awards:

The Life Saving Award is awarded to an employee who makes a major contribution toward saving the life of another by providing essential medical treatment prior to arrival of EMS personnel.

Sergeant Victor Galladora – used an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) on a person who had collapsed on the Capital Crescent Trail.

POIII Abraham Groveman – pulled to safety an individual who was threatening to jump off the top of a 220 foot tall building.

POIII Jason McClain – used a tourniquet to stop an uncontrolled arterial bleed from a person’s wrist, stopping blood flow to the area.

POII Nicoletta Hawkins – applied life saving measures to a victim of a stab wound.

POI Ryan Grzybowski – pulled a person to safety who was trying to harm herself by running into traffic on I-270.

The following officers received a life saving award for their roles during an incident that involved an individual suffering from Psychosis and Schizophrenia who had severe lacerations all over his body after jumping through two windows. The individual was taken to a trauma center where he needed approximately 1,000 stitches, 2 blood transfusions, and required reconstructive surgery:

Sergeant Robert Lumsden - applied a tourniquet to the individual’s severely severed right arm.

POIII John Arsenault – applied “Quick Clot” to severe lacerations on the individual’s right arm.

POIII Matt Renehan - applied a tourniquet to the individual’s right leg to control severe bleeding.

The following officers helped to restrain the subject while he violently resisted life-saving measures and at one point, bit an officer in the leg:

POIII Dana Bunge

POIII Brian James

POIII Amy Krone

POI Matt Chamberlin

POI David Hall


A Commendation Award is awarded to an employee who makes a significant contribution to the mission of the department beyond the ordinary call of duty. It shall recognize those incidents wherein the member’s courage, resourcefulness, tenacity, and/or perseverance in the performance of the employee’s duties has resulted in the protection of life or property, the prevention of a major crime, or the apprehension of an armed and dangerous criminal.

Sergeant Ray Moran

Corporal Frank Corn

POIII Eric Edelman

POIII Richard Grapes and K-9 Diesel

POIII Brian Holloway

POII Matthew Hooven

POIII Robert Hunt

POIII William McQuiggan

POIII Luisa Meade

POIII Kathryn Russo

POIII Dawn Wenner

POI Amir Ansari-Jaberi

POI Lawrence Caldwell

POI Maurice Key

Public Safety Communications Supervisor Lois Kinder

Public Safety Communications Supervisor Yasmian Lyew

Public Safety Communications Specialist II Antonio Lemus

Public Safety Communications Specialist II Carmen Lopez

Public Safety Communications Specialist II Kyle Nash

Public Safety Emergency Call-Taker II Rickeya Johnson

Public Safety Emergency Call-Taker II Jamie Nottingham

Congratulations to all our awards recipients.


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