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Weather Alert - Driving Safety Tips

For Immediate Release: Friday, October 2, 2015

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A significant storm is projected to impact Montgomery County and the D.C. area within the coming days. The risk to lives and property in this potentially dangerous situation remains high.

This storm could bring very heavy rainfall to the area and winds could become strong enough to down trees, power lines, and cause flooding in normally safe areas.  The threat of up to 5 inches of rain exists with 3 inches a much greater possibility.  A Flash Flood Watch is in effect until 8 a.m. tomorrow morning.

Flooding conditions can occur quickly during a heavy rainfall. Below are some tips to remember if you are on the road during a heavy rainfall where possible flooding conditions could occur:

  • Reduce your speed and leave more space between you and the vehicle in front of you. The needed stopping distance increases when roads are wet and visibility decreases.
  • Do not attempt to drive through water if you are unsure of the depth. 6 inches of water can cause your engine to stall and as little as 12 inches of water can cause your vehicle to float. Flooding related deaths have occurred in the past on low lying roads in Montgomery County.

Remember: “Turn Around, Don’t Drown”

  • Never attempt to drive through fast flowing water – your vehicle could easily be swept  away.
  • Do not drive around traffic barricades; obey all traffic control devices.
  • The Montgomery County Police Department is urging residents not to drive during the heavier parts of this storm.  If you must drive, please plan ahead to allow more time and avoid routes that will take you into low lying areas.  Many times, high water and the affects of a storm remain after the significant rainfall is over.
Below is a list of some of the roads in Montgomery County that could be affected by high water.  This is not meant to be an inclusive list and all motorists should remain cautious when driving.


MD 29 (Columbia Pike) at Paint Branch - N. of White Oak

MD 185 (Conn. Ave) at Rock Creek - S. of Kensington

MD 190 (River Road) at Cabin John Creek - Potomac

MD 193 (Univ. Blvd) at Sligo Creek - Wheaton

MD 586 (Viers Mill Rd) at Rock Creek - S. of Twinbrook Pkwy.

Beach Drive in Rock Creek Park - Kensington-Chevy Chase

Sligo Creek Pkwy - Silver Spring-Takoma Park


MD 97 (Georgia Ave) at Reddy Branch - N. of Brookeville

MD 124 (Woodfield Rd) at Goshen Branch and at Gr. Seneca Creek - N. of Brink Rd.

MD 117 (Clopper Rd) at Gr. Seneca Creek - W. of Gaithersburg

MD 117 (Clopper Rd) at Little Seneca Creek  - E. of Boyds

MD 355 (Frederick Rd) at Little Seneca Creek - W. of Brink

MD 121 (Clarksburg Rd) near Little Seneca Lake - N. of Boyds

MD 118 (Germantown Rd) at Great Seneca Creek - S. of Germantown

River Rd and Berryville Rd at Seneca Creek

Blunt Road at Great Seneca Creek - S. of Brink Rd.

Davis Mill Rd at Great Seneca Creek - N. of Gaithersburg

Brighton Dam Rd at Hawlings River - NE of Brookeville

Goldmine Rd at Hawlings River - E of Olney

Zion Rd at Hawlings River - E. of Laytonsville

Hoyles Mill Rd at ford of Little Seneca Creek - Germantown, west of the soccer complex

Loghouse Rd at Magruder Branch - S. of Damascus

Elton Farm Rd at Haights Branch - N. of Sunshine

Howard Chapel Rd at Haights Branch - N. of Sunshine

White’s Ferry Road and River Road - White’s Ferry

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