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Suspect Charged with Home Invasion and Kidnapping of 80-Year-Old Potomac Resident

For Immediate Release: Monday, October 22, 2018

Detectives from the Montgomery County Police Department - Major Crimes Division have charged 39-year-old Robert Dove with the home invasion of a Potomac residence and the kidnapping of its female resident.

Investigators have determined that on October 14 at approximately 4:00 p.m., an 80-year-old resident of a home located on Stable Way in Potomac answered a knock on her front door.  At the door was a male, later identified as Dove, who stated that he was there to inspect the roof.  The victim, thinking that it was odd that someone would inspect the roof on a Sunday, began to question his legitimacy.  Dove shoved the victim and entered the home.  He produced a knife and demanded money and jewelry.  The victim gave Dove cash and a piece of jewelry.  Dove then told the victim he wanted her to drive to an ATM and get more money.

The victim engaged Dove in conversation.  Dove told the victim his name and stated that he was currently participating in a pre-release program.  He explained that he had left the center and not returned as required so he would be wanted by the police for leaving the program.

Not knowing how she was going to get out of the situation, the victim suggested that the two go for a drive in her vehicle.  Dove agreed and before leaving the home, placed the necklace he had taken from the victim on a table.  Dove instructed the victim to drive to a farm in Poolseville as he explained that he was from that area and wanted to show her a farm where he used to hunt.

After driving to the farm, the victim told Dove that she was hungry and wanted to eat.  (The victim later explained to investigators that she wanted to get to a place where she was around other people).  Dove suggested that they go to a restaurant located in Poolesville.  Dove knew numerous patrons at the restaurant and he introduced the victim as his "friend."  (During the investigation, the victim explained that she was worried if she escaped from Dove and she was able to call police, that Dove would get out of jail at some point and hurt her or ask someone to hurt her).

Once Dove and the victim finished their meals, Dove suggested that the two return to the victim's residence.  Fearing what actions Dove might take at the home, the victim said that she would pay the bill for Dove to stay at a hotel.  The victim drove to a hotel on Rockville Pike and paid for Dove to stay in a room for three nights.  Dove told the victim to drive straight home and to call him once she got there.  The victim drove to a friend's home and told the friend what had occurred.  The friend urged the victim to call police but the victim was fearful that if she called police and Dove found out that he would hurt her .  The victim also thought it was possible that Dove might turn himself into authorities because she had encouraged him to do so throughout the day.

During the time that Dove was with the victim, a warrant was issued for his arrest for second-degree escape for violating his pre-release agreement.  On October 15, the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office received a tip that Dove was staying at a hotel in Rockville.  Sheriff deputies located Dove at a hotel (the hotel where the victim had paid the bill for Dove) and took him into custody.

In the afternoon of October 15, the Police Department received a call from the 80-year-old victim reporting what had occurred.  Detectives developed Dove as a suspect and determined that Dove had lived at the victim's address prior to the victim living there.   Dove was interviewed by detectives and confessed to the home invasion and kidnapping of the victim.  He was charged with home invasion, armed robbery, first-degree assault, and kidnapping.  Dove has bond review in Rockville District Court today at 1:00 p.m.

Dove Robert AllenDove Robert Allen (Original Image)

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Release ID: 18-455
Media Contact: mcpnews 
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