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MCP Holds Virtual Award Ceremony

For Immediate Release: Monday, January 11, 2021

Virtual Awards programVirtual Awards program (Original Image)

 On December 31, 2020,  the Montgomery County Department of Police held a   virtual Awards Ceremony. The awards ceremony featured the presentation of the following awards: Medal of Valor, Lifesaving, Commendation, Chief’s Award,   Supervisor of the Year (sworn and civilian), Chief's Certificate of Appreciation,   and the Montgomery County Police Alumni Association Ethical Leadership   Award.  

 Congratulations to all of the recipients!

 Medal of Valor – The Department’s highest award.  The Medal of Valor is awarded to an employee for heroism and distinction in extremely hazardous circumstances. In order to be considered for this honor, an employee must exhibit unusual bravery in the performance of duty while facing the threat of death or serious injury.

Medal of Valor Award ribbonMedal of Valor Award ribbon (Original Image)

 The Medal of Valor award recipients are as follows:

 Corporal Brandi Cross

 Officer Michael Damskey

 Officer Andrew Richardson

Lifesaving Award – Awarded to an employee who makes a major contribution toward saving the life of another by providing essential medical treatment prior to the arrival of Emergency Medical Services (EMS) personnel.

Lifesaving Award ribbonLifesaving Award ribbon (Original Image)

The Lifesaving Award Recipients are as follows:

Lieutenant Christopher Fumagalli

Sergeant Bill Powell

Sergeant Sunyoung Kim

Officer Sarah Federico

Officer Aaron McMullen

Officer Jiwoo Jang

Officer Tonya Whitenton

Officer Greg Woodman

Officer Lyndon Jones

Officer Amy Stoughton

Officer Laura Nichols

Officer Edgardo Diaz

Officer Christopher Hendrix

Officer Thomas Cioffi

Officer Lindsay Greene

Officer Dustin Fritz

Officer Nathan Larson

Officer Ludovicus Claver

Officer Alex John

Officer Charles Valente

Officer John McClellan

Officer Lee Meyer

Officer Kurt Colson


Commendation –  Awarded to an employee who makes a significant contribution to the mission of the department beyond the ordinary call of duty. It recognizes those incidents wherein the member’s courage, resourcefulness, tenacity, and/or perseverance in the performance of the employee’s duties have resulted in the protection of life or property, the prevention of a major crime, or the apprehension of an armed and dangerous criminal.

Commendation award ribbonCommendation award ribbon (Original Image)

Commendation recipients are as follows:

Sergeant Matthew Krest

Officer James Logan

Officer Sean Petty

Officer Laura Myers

Chief’s Award – The Chief’s Award will be awarded by the Chief of Police to employees who exemplify the highest standards of service to the community by virtue of their diligence, dedication, and character.

Chief's Award ribbonChief's Award ribbon (Original Image)

Chief’s Award recipients are as follows:

Officer Jayme Derbyshire

Officer Steven Pascali

2019 Supervisor of the Year Award:


Sworn: Sergeant Alfred Dzenkowski

Civilian: Program Specialist I Robert F. Hebron

The video of the virtual award ceremony can be seen below: 

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Media Contact: Officer Rick Goodale 
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