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Brothers Arrested for Orchestrating Stabbing Hoax to Elicit Police and Fire and Rescue Response to Home

For Immediate Release: Wednesday, February 10, 2021

The Montgomery County Police Department has arrested two brothers for orchestrating a stabbing hoax that included directing witnesses to call 9-1-1, which caused the emergency dispatch of officers and fire and rescue personnel to a home in Silver Spring.  Denidson Jean, age 21, and Pierre Jean, age 19, of unconfirmed addresses, have been charged with (1) knowingly causing a false call for an ambulance - CR 9-604 and  (2) making a false statement to an officer with the intent to deceive and cause an investigation - CR 9-501.

On January 24, at approximately 5:46 pm, the Emergency Communications Center (911) received a call for the report of a stabbing at a residence located in the 12700 block of Laurie Drive.  The caller stated that two brothers had been fighting in the house and it appeared that one of them had stabbed the other in the neck with a knife.

The first officer to arrive and enter the home observed a male, later identified as Denidson Jean, lying on the kitchen floor covered in a large amount of blood.  Denidson was holding a t-shirt to his neck; it appeared to the officer that he was doing this to stop the massive bleeding.

The officer observed Pierre Jean standing over Denidson, covered in blood.  The officer asked Pierre who stabbed Denidson and Pierre replied, “I didn’t mean to.”  The officer observed a large kitchen knife covered in blood on the counter next to the sink.

The officer began to immediately administer first aid and advised dispatch via his police radio that an advanced life support (ALS) response from fire & rescue personnel was needed.

Four other residents were in the home and were in emotional distress with what had occurred.  The residents were yelling and crying which contributed to the chaotic scene.

The officer had been in the home and rendering aid for approximately two minutes when Denidson sat up and started laughing.  He told the officer that this was a prank for social media.  Additional officers began to arrive at the home, and it was determined that Denidson was not injured.

The investigation by the Department has determined that the two brothers planned this hoax to be recorded and posted to social media.  Prop blood was located in the home, as well as a digital camera which had been placed in the kitchen light.  Pierre and Denidson created the bloody scene, pretended to be involved in a physical altercation with each other, and then Pierre, with blood on his clothing and holding the knife, left the kitchen.  He returned to the kitchen with residents of the home and directed the residents to call 911/ the police a total of five times.  There is no indication that the other residents knew the situation was fake.

Denidson and Pierre Jean were arrested on February 8 in Silver Spring on the strength of Montgomery County arrest warrants. They were transported to the Central Processing Unit and released from custody.


Chief Jones’ Statement Regarding this Incident

"The suspects’ decision to orchestrate this hoax for social media and set it into motion with directing a call to 9-1-1 demonstrated a total disregard for the numerous Montgomery County police officers and Fire & Rescue personnel who were dispatched to the residence.  These officers and medical personnel responded in an emergency status (activating vehicle overhead lights and siren) to render aid to the alleged stabbing victim, causing unnecessary risk to the emergency responders and the community.  The suspects created a dangerous and chaotic scene for the officers and other residents in the home, and we are fortunate that no one was hurt or injured during this situation.

These suspects also showed a total disregard for Montgomery County residents, who may have needed those emergency services that were unnecessarily devoted and possibly diverted from other calls for service to this hoax.  Even after the suspects confessed that this was a prank, officers were needed at the scene to interview witnesses and document the incident.  The follow-up investigation included conducting a search of the home to recover evidence.

I am proud of my officers, who responded to the stabbing call with great concern, and who began to immediately care for the alleged victim and investigate when arriving at the scene.  They exhibited tremendous professionalism throughout the entire incident."

Pierre JeanPierre Jean (Original Image)

Denidson JeanDenidson Jean (Original Image)


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Release ID: 21-059
Media Contact: Sergeant Rebecca Innocenti