Thursday, December 7, 2023
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To display and find a County Service Location or Place of Interest, you can select a PLOI map layer to show all locations or you can define a search radius to determine a PLOI(s) locations within proximity of an address or zip code. To find a County PLOI within a defined distance of a street address, please follow the steps provided below:
  1. Enter a street address with a zip code (i.e. 110 N Washington Street, 20850) or just a zip code in to the My Location search form field.
  2. Define a search radius distance in miles using the Search Radius drop-down menu.
  3. Select one or several PLOI check boxes presented in the Map Legend.
  4. Click the Search Locations button. The Search Results will display in the Map Display area.
Find Places of Interest within Miles of My Location
Education Government Centers Recreation Leisure & Culture
Elementary Schools Elementary Schools Mc Government MC Government Bike Share Bike Share
Middle Schools Middle Schools Liquor Store Liquor Stores Golf Courses Golf Courses
High Schools High Schools Regional Services Centers Regional Services Centers Libraries Libraries
Public Safety & Health Transportation Park Facilities Park Facilities
Fire Stations Fire Stations Bus Stops Bus Stops (Max. 0.75 Mile Radius) Recreation Centers Recreation Centers
HHS Facilities HHS Facilities Marc Train Station Marc Train Stations Senior Centers Senior Centers
Hospitals Hospitals Metro Stations Metro Stations Swimming Pools Swimming Pools
Park And Ride Lots Park And Ride Lots
Public Garages And Lots Public Garages And Lots
Bike Routes Traffic Data Base Map Help | Print
Data Source: The Places of Interest (PLOI) data are provided by the Montgomery County Department of Technology Services Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Team. The PLOI data are updated on a quarterly basis by County fiscal year. The remaining data presented on the map including bike routes and trafic data are provided by Google and its partners.

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