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Department of Transportation - Transit Services

Montgomery County, Maryland - Ride On Bus Schedules

Route 74 May 14, 2017

Weekday Schedules

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Germantown Transit Center to Shady Grove  

Germantown Transit Center Great Seneca-
Great Seneca-
Great Seneca-
Muddy Branch
Shady Grove Metro Station (East)
5:00a 5:07a 5:12a 5:19a 5:22a 5:27a 5:33a
5:30a 5:38a 5:44a 5:52a 5:55a 6:02a 6:08a
6:00a 6:08a 6:14a 6:22a 6:25a 6:32a 6:38a
6:30a 6:38a 6:44a 6:52a 6:55a 7:02a 7:08a
7:00a 7:08a 7:14a 7:23a 7:26a 7:33a 7:39a
7:30a 7:38a 7:44a 7:53a 7:56a 8:03a 8:09a
8:00a 8:08a 8:14a 8:23a 8:26a 8:33a 8:39a
8:30a 8:38a 8:44a 8:53a 8:56a 9:03a 9:09a
9:00a 9:08a 9:14a 9:23a 9:26a 9:33a 9:39a
9:30a 9:37a 9:42a 9:50a 9:53a 9:59a 10:05a
10:00a 10:07a 10:12a 10:20a 10:23a 10:29a 10:35a
10:30a 10:37a 10:42a 10:50a 10:53a 10:59a 11:05a
11:00a 11:07a 11:12a 11:20a 11:23a 11:29a 11:35a
11:30a 11:37a 11:42a 11:50a 11:53a 11:59a 12:05p
12:00p 12:07p 12:12p 12:20p 12:23p 12:29p 12:35p
12:30p 12:37p 12:42p 12:50p 12:53p 12:59p 1:05p
1:00p 1:07p 1:12p 1:20p 1:23p 1:29p 1:35p
1:30p 1:37p 1:42p 1:50p 1:53p 1:59p 2:05p
2:00p 2:07p 2:12p 2:20p 2:23p 2:29p 2:35p
2:30p 2:38p 2:44p 2:53p 2:56p 3:03p 3:09p
Germantown Transit Center Great Seneca-Clopper Great Seneca-Mateny Great Seneca-Muddy Branch Diamondback-Decoverly Washingtonian-Rio Shady Grove Metro Station (East)
3:00p 3:08p 3:14p 3:23p 3:26p 3:33p 3:39p
3:30p 3:38p 3:44p 3:53p 3:56p 4:03p 4:09p
4:00p 4:08p 4:14p 4:23p 4:27p 4:35p 4:42p
4:30p 4:38p 4:44p 4:53p 4:57p 5:05p 5:12p
5:00p 5:08p 5:14p 5:23p 5:27p 5:35p 5:42p
5:30p 5:37p 5:42p 5:51p 5:54p 6:01p 6:07p
6:00p 6:07p 6:12p 6:21p 6:24p 6:31p 6:37p
6:30p 6:37p 6:42p 6:51p 6:54p 7:01p 7:07p
7:00p 7:07p 7:12p 7:21p 7:24p 7:31p 7:37p
7:30p 7:37p 7:42p 7:51p 7:54p 8:01p 8:07p
8:00p 8:06p 8:11p 8:19p 8:22p 8:28p 8:34p
8:35p 8:41p 8:46p 8:54p 8:57p 9:03p 9:09p
9:20p 9:26p 9:31p 9:39p 9:42p 9:48p 9:54p

*   Routes 61, 74 (Mon-Fri only), 97, and 100 will have the same leave time at the Germantown Transit Center (GTC). These routes will arrive within a 10 minute window of the the scheduled departure time. In case of a delay, no bus will wait more than 5 minutes to allow for transferring between buses. Timed transferring is available at all times on the weekend and weekdays from 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m., and after 7:00 p.m.

Route 74 May 14, 2017

Weekday Schedules

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Shady Grove to Germantown Transit Center  

Shady Grove Metro Station (East) Washingtonian-
Great Seneca-
Muddy Branch
Great Seneca-
Great Seneca-
Germantown Transit Center
5:40a 5:48a 5:53a 5:56a 6:02a 6:07a 6:14a
6:10a 6:18a 6:23a 6:26a 6:32a 6:37a 6:44a
6:40a 6:49a 6:54a 6:59a 7:07a 7:12a 7:19a
7:10a 7:19a 7:24a 7:29a 7:37a 7:42a 7:49a
7:40a 7:49a 7:54a 7:59a 8:07a 8:12a 8:19a
8:10a 8:19a 8:24a 8:29a 8:37a 8:42a 8:49a
8:40a 8:49a 8:54a 8:59a 9:07a 9:12a 9:19a
9:10a 9:19a 9:24a 9:29a 9:37a 9:42a 9:49a
9:40a 9:49a 9:53a 9:57a 10:04a 10:09a 10:15a
10:10a 10:19a 10:23a 10:27a 10:34a 10:39a 10:45a
10:40a 10:49a 10:53a 10:57a 11:04a 11:09a 11:15a
11:10a 11:19a 11:23a 11:27a 11:34a 11:39a 11:45a
11:40a 11:49a 11:53a 11:57a 12:04p 12:09p 12:15p
12:10p 12:19p 12:23p 12:27p 12:34p 12:39p 12:45p
12:40p 12:49p 12:53p 12:57p 1:04p 1:09p 1:15p
1:10p 1:19p 1:23p 1:27p 1:34p 1:39p 1:45p
1:40p 1:49p 1:53p 1:57p 2:04p 2:09p 2:15p
2:10p 2:19p 2:24p 2:28p 2:37p 2:43p 2:51p
2:40p 2:49p 2:54p 2:58p 3:07p 3:13p 3:21p
3:10p 3:19p 3:24p 3:28p 3:37p 3:43p 3:51p
Shady Grove Metro Station (East) Washingtonian-Rio Diamondbck-Decoverly Great Seneca-Muddy Branch Great Seneca-Mateny Great Seneca-Clopper Germantown Transit Center
3:40p 3:49p 3:54p 3:58p 4:07p 4:13p 4:21p
4:10p 4:19p 4:24p 4:28p 4:37p 4:43p 4:51p
4:40p 4:50p 4:56p 5:01p 5:11p 5:17p 5:24p
5:10p 5:20p 5:26p 5:31p 5:41p 5:47p 5:54p
5:40p 5:50p 5:56p 6:01p 6:11p 6:17p 6:24p
6:10p 6:20p 6:26p 6:31p 6:41p 6:47p 6:54p
6:40p 6:49p 6:54p 6:59p 7:07p 7:12p 7:19p
7:10p 7:19p 7:24p 7:29p 7:37p 7:42p 7:49p
7:40p 7:48p 7:52p 7:56p 8:03p 8:08p 8:14p
8:10p 8:18p 8:22p 8:26p 8:33p 8:38p 8:44p
8:40p 8:48p 8:52p 8:56p 9:03p 9:08p 9:14p
9:15p 9:23p 9:27p 9:31p 9:38p 9:43p 9:49p
10:00p 10:08p 10:12p 10:16p 10:23p 10:28p 10:34p


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