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Ride On Customers Offer Compliments for Good Service in April

For Immediate Release: Wednesday, May 3, 2017

MCDOT appreciates passengers on Ride On letting us know when they receive good service. Below are some of their comments from the month of April:


  1. Route 56 – The driver was awesome, pleasant, friendly and helpful.  Again, the driver was very nice and helpful.  Rockville Station to Lakeforest - Route 56.
  2. Route 74 –- Driver Gary was just a delightful driver.  Very pleasant and friendly. Fun to ride with.
  3. Route 74 –- Bus Driver Manuel or Emmanuel - had been working since 11 a.m. that day and was just as bright and cheerful as if he had just started his shift. He let down the steps for passenger.
  1. Route 74 –- Tywanna is a perfect example of what a Ride On bus operator should be -- her smile when she says hello, lets the bus down for passenger who need it, very professional.

  1. Route 61 –- Driver said something very beautiful to passengers. The passenger thanked the driver and he said her smile made his day.
  2. Route 9 – Big thanks to the driver of @RideOnMCT 9 bus #5327 for being super nice to the #SilverSpringKiddo this morning!
  3.  Route 59 –- On 4/21/17 at 9:30 a.m. a caller said her wallet was stolen.  The bus driver found the wallet on the bus, and drove to the caller’s home to return it. The caller said she was so grateful that words cannot express her gratitude.  The caller would love to meet the driver in person as she was not at home, only her husband, when the bus driver delivered the wallet. She is very thankful and would like to thank the bus driver in person. 
  4. Route 53 – The caller wanted to compliment the bus #53 driver for always leaving the Shady Grove station on time at 5:47 p.m. every day without fail.
  5. Route 97 – The caller wanted to compliment bus driver Charles for having a very pleasant personality. The caller states that the driver always says hello and goodbye with a smile, and lowers the bus for the seniors.
  6. Route 6 – The caller got on the bus and the driver realized the caller was on the wrong bus. 
    The bus driver, Mr. Riccardo, helped the caller find the right bus and took him to the right bus stop, resulting in the caller getting to work on time on his first day on a new job.  Caller would like to commend Mr. Riccardo for excellent service and the caller will recommend Ride On in the future.


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