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MPIA Lead Departmental Contacts

Maryland's Public Information Act (MPIA) grants the people of this state a broad right of access to public records while protecting legitimate governmental interests and the privacy rights of individual citizens. When requesting public records maintained by Montgomery County Government, please reference the contact list and forward your inquiry to the appropriate departmental representative(s).

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Department/Office Name MPIA Lead Contact
Agriculture Services (MPIA Web Link) Jacqueline Arnold ,
Alcohol Beverage Services (MPIA Web Link) Melissa Davis ,
Animal Services & Adoption Center (MPIA Web Link) Katarzyna Gac ,
Board of Appeals (MPIA Web Link) Barbara Jay ,
Community Engagement Cluster (MPIA Web Link) Brett Magellan ,
Community Partnerships (MPIA Web Link) Gerri Davis ,
Community Use of Public Facilities (MPIA Web Link) Patricia Vitale ,
Consumer Protection (MPIA Web Link) Tracy Rezvani ,
Correction & Rehabilitation (MPIA Web Link) Kaye Beckley ,
County Attorney's Office (MPIA Web Link) Edward Lattner ,
County Council (MPIA Web Link) Amanda Mihill ,
County Executive's Office (MPIA Web Link) Adrienne Craver ,
District Court of MD (MPIA Web Link) Markeisha Gross ,
Elections (MPIA Web Link) Alysoun McLaughlin ,
Emergency Management and Homeland Security (MPIA Web Link) Michael Goldfarb ,
Environmental Protection (MPIA Web Link) Joanne Heller ,
Ethics Commission (MPIA Web Link) Robert Cobb ,
Finance (MPIA Web Link) Alpa Vaghani ,
Fire and Rescue Services (MPIA Web Link) Pete Piringer ,
General Services (MPIA Web Link) Greg Ossont , Yemisi Ogbodo
Health & Human Services (MPIA Web Link) Joy Page ,
Housing and Community Affairs (MPIA Web Link) Daniel McHugh ,
Human Resources (MPIA Web Link) Darryl Gorman ,
Human Rights (MPIA Web Link) James Stowe ,
Intergovernmental Relations (MPIA Web Link) Kathleen Boucher ,
Labor Relations (MPIA Web Link) Steven Blivess ,
Management and Budget Office (MPIA Web Link) Dieter Klinger ,
Merit System Protection Board (MPIA Web Link) Bruce P. Martin ,
Montgomery County Employee Retirement Plans (MPIA Web Link) Linda Herman ,
Office of Legislative Oversight (MPIA Web Link) Chris Cihlar ,
Office of the Inspector General (MPIA Web Link) Mollie Habermeier ,
Office of Zoning & Administrative Hearings (MPIA Web Link) Sara Behanna ,
Permitting Services (MPIA Web Link) Simin Rasolee ,
Police (MPIA Web Link) Mary Davison ,
Procurement (MPIA Web Link) Pam Jones ,
Public Information (MPIA Web Link) Barry Hudson ,
Public Libraries (MPIA Web Link) Regina Holyfield-Jewett ,
Racial Equity and Social Justice (MPIA Web Link) Tiffany Ward ,
Recreation (MPIA Web Link) Judy Stiles ,
Technology and Enterprise Business Solutions (MPIA Web Link) Michele Crane ,
Transportation (MPIA Web Link) Brady Goldsmith ,
Women, Commission for (MPIA Web Link) Gerri Davis ,