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How to recycle / dispose ash

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We accept ash at the Shady Grove Processing Facility and Transfer Station, Public Unloading Facility.

Haulers do not accept ash from your fireplace or barbecue with regular household trash.

If you deliver your ash by car

The Transfer Station's Public Drop Off Area has several Red Ash containers specifically designated for ash disposal. These red containers are located between trash drop-off bays. Place your ash into the containers.

Ash Can Ash Can

We make sure the ash has cooled off, and then we take it to our rubble drop-off area for disposal.

If you deliver your ash by truck

If you arrive by truck at the Shady Grove Road entrance, please speak to the scale house staff for further instructions.

Why worry about ash disposal?

The concern with ash is always that it could be hot, and therefore, a fire hazard.

Ash safety advice from the Montgomery County Fire and Rescue Service

Tips for ash management at home, including lawn and garden use.

Locations accepted

  • Transfer Station

Material type

  • Other