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Montgomery County, Maryland

I want to recycle or dispose of...

ammunition ammo, firearms, guns
asbestos asbetos, ceiling tiles, floor tiles, friable asbestos, non-friable asbestos, siding
ash fireplace ashes
basketball hoops and poles basketball backboard, basketball hoops
batteries alkaline batteries, battery, boat batteries, button batteries, car batteries, e-zpass, ez pass, ezpass, hearing aid batteries, lead acid batteries, lead-acid batteries, lithium batteries, lithium-ion batteries, Ni-Cad batteries, nickel-cadmium batteries, rechargeable batteries, vehicle batteries
bicycle bike, bikes, bicycles
books encyclopedias, hardback books, hardcover books, paperback books, phone books, soft-cover books, telephone books, textbooks
bricks and cinderblocks bricks, cinderblocks, rocks, rubble
building materials - trash cabinets for trash disposal, doors for trash disposal (non-metal), drywall, fiberglass and cellulose insulation, linoleum flooring for trash disposal, lumber for trash disposal, plywood for trash disposal, PVC pipes, sheetrock, sinks for trash disposal, tile for trash disposal, toilets for trash disposal, wooden boards for trash disposal
building materials - usable condition bathtubs in usable condition, building materials, cabinets in usable condition, ceiling fans in usable condition, doors in usable condition, garden supplies in usable condition, gutters and downspouts in usable condition, lighting fixtures in usable condition, linoleum flooring in usable condition, plumbing fixtures in usable condition, power and hand tools in usable condition, sinks in usable condition, thermal pane windows in usable condition, toilets in usable condition, usable bricks, usable cinderblocks, usable lumber, plywood, and molding (over 4 feet long), wood flooring in usable condition, working appliances
bulk trash bathroom fixtures as trash, bathtubs as trash (non-metal), bed frames and headboards (non-metal), beds, bookcases, bulk trash, cabinets and vanities as trash, carpets and rugs as trash, couches, futon, loveseats, sofas, and sofa beds, desk chairs, desks, dressers, furniture, hot tubs, large trash pickup, luggage and suitcases, mattresses and box springs, ottomans, patio tables and chairs (non-metal), patio umbrellas (non-metal), pianos, plastic tarps, recliner chair, rocking chairs, shipping pallets, sinks as trash, tables and chairs, toilets as trash, upright pianos, vacuum cleaners, wood crates
bulky rigid plastics large plastic buckets, laundry basket, plastic lawn furniture (tables, chairs), plastic pet carriers, plastic play houses, plastic shelves, plastic swimming pools
cans aerosol cans, aluminum cans, beer cans, cans, cat and dog food cans, cookie and popcorn tins, pet food cans, shaving cream cans, soda cans, tin cans
car seats booster seats, child safety seats
CD and DVD jewel cases  
cell phones smart phones
Christmas trees  
clothes hangers clothes hangers (metal and wire), clothes hangers (plastic), wire hangers
clothing, shoes, and other textiles bedspreads and blankets, carpet, clothes, fabric, linens (sheets, towels), shoes and sneakers, textiles
cooking oil bacon fat, hamburger grease, vegetable oil
corks cork, natural cork, plastic cork, synthetic cork
dental floss container dental floss
durable medical equipment bedside commodes, canes, crutches, home hospital beds, hospital beds, mechanical lifts, pediatric equipment, power scooters, power wheelchairs, rollators, shower chairs, toilet safety rails, tub transfer benches, walkers, wheelchairs
electronics audio tapes, camera, cameras, cassette tapes, CDs (compact discs) and DVDs, clocks, computer monitors, computers, cordless phones, CRT monitors, drones, earphones and earbuds, electric tools, extension cords and cables / power cords and cables, fax machines, flat-screen monitors, floppy disks, inkjet, laser, and other printers, keyboards, printer ink, projection tv, radios, remote controls, speakers, stereos, surge protectors, surveillance cameras, televisions, toner cartridges, TVs, vacuum cleaners, VCRs, vhs tapes
fencing metal fencing, vinyl fencing, wood fencing
fire extinguishers aerosol fire extinguishers, cylinder-type fire extinguishers
foam packaging expanded polystyrene, foam blocks, foam peanuts, packing peanuts, Styrofoam, Styrofoam meat trays
foil products aluminum foil, pie plates, tin foil
food scraps  
glass bottles and jars  
household hazardous waste acids, air fresheners, ant killer, antifreeze, brake fluid, carbon monoxide detectors, cleaning products, drain cleaners, driveway sealer, ez pass, fertilizers, gasoline, gas-oil mixes, and kerosene, herbicides, household hazardous waste, insecticides, lawn and garden chemicals, lead products, lighter fluid, mercury-containing thermometers and thermostats, mineral oil, paint thinners and solvents, pepper spray, pesticides, photographic chemicals, sewing machine oil, smoke alarms, swimming pool chemicals, transmission fluid, weed killers, yard chemicals
light bulbs and tubes CFLs, compact fluorescent light bulbs, compact fluorescent light tubes, compact fluorescent lights (CFLs), halogen light bulbs, incandescent light bulbs, LCD lights, LED lights, light ballasts, light bulbs, light tubes, light-emitting diode bulbs, liquid crystal display bulbs
light strings (Christmas lights / holiday lights)  
mattresses and box springs box spring, hybrid mattresses, inner spring mattresses, latex mattresses, mattress, memory foam mattresses, metal foundations, wood foundations
medical sharps and syringes acupuncture needles, diabetic supplies, lancets, medical needles, medical sharps, plastic syringes, syringes
medicine medications, OTC drugs, over-the-counter drugs, prescription drugs
mirrors and sheet glass broken mirrors, glass shower doors, mirrors, storm doors, windows
motor oil used car oil, used engine oil, used motor oil
nail polish fingernail polish
oil filters  
oversized yard trim large tree branches, root balls, storm debris, tree and bush stumps, tree limbs, tree sections
paint (latex/water-based) latex and water-based paints and stains, old paint, paint-cans, water-based stains
paint (oil-based) deck sealers, oil-based paints, stains, and sealers, stain gel, wood gel, wood stain
paper aseptic boxes, aseptic packaging, boxes, bread crumb cardboard container, carbonless paper, cardboard boxes, cardboard egg cartons, cereal boxes, colored paper, envelopes, gift bags, gift wrap, greeting cards, juice boxes, juiceboxes, junk mail, mixed paper, newspaper, notebooks, oatmeal cardboard container, paper, paper bags, paper cartons, paper coffee cups, paper cups, paper egg cartons, paper grocery bags, paper juice cartons, paper milk cartons, paper receipts, paper shopping bags, paperboard, pizza boxes, political signs, poster board, shelf-stable boxes, shoeboxes, spiral notebooks, Tetrapaks, thermal paper, white paper, window envelopes, wrapping paper
paving materials asphalt, broken concrete, dirt / soil, railroad ties, rocks / stone
plastic bags and film air pillows, bread bags, bubble wrap, case overwrap, dry cleaning bags, electronic wrap, grocery bags, newspaper bags, newspaper sleeves, pallet wrap, plastic envelopes, plastic film, produce bags, product wrap, retail bags, reusable bags, sandwich bags, shopping bags, stretch film, Tyvek envelopes, ziploc
plastic bottles, containers, tubs, and lids #1 plastic, #2 plastic, #3 plastic, #4 plastic, #5 plastic, #7 plastic, clamshell containers (#1 PET thermoform plastic), plastic bottles, plastic cups, plastic egg cartons, plastic flower pots, plastic food containers, plastic lids and bottle caps, plastic medicine bottles, plastic utensils, plastic yogurt cups, solo cups (red and blue)
plastic tubes face wash tube, hair care tube, toothpaste tube
recycling bins blue bins
refrigerants freon, refrigerator
road flares road flares
salt and sand  
satellite dishes  
scissors and kitchen knives  
scrap metal items - large air conditioners, aluminum downspouts, aluminum ladders, aluminum wheels, auto parts, bathtubs (metal / cast iron), BBQ grills, bed frames (metal), brake rotors, broadcast spreaders, circular saws, clothes dryer, clothes washer, dehumidifiers, dishwashers, doors (metal), exercise bikes, exercise machines, freezers, freon, frying pan, garden gas heater, gas grills, grills, hot water heater, jogging stroller, lawn mowers, leaf blower, metal shower heads, metal tool boxes, microwave ovens, patio umbrellas (mostly metal), pots and pans, range hoods, ranges, refrigerants, refrigerators / fridges, riding mowers, shovels and other metal hand tools, snow blower, snow blowers, space heater, stationary bicycles, stove, table saw, tire rims, treadmill, typewriter, washing machine, weed whacker, window fans, yard edgers
scrap metal items - small blender, bowls and plates (metal), clothes hangers (metal or wire), clothes irons, door hinges and door knobs, food processor, keys, metal file folder inserts, nails, screws, brackets, hinges, nuts, bolts, and other hardware, pots, pans, and skillets, including non-stick cookware, shower heads (metal), toasters and toaster ovens, unbrellas
shingles or roofing material roof insulation, roof underlayment, roofing material, roofing paper, shingles, solar tiles
shredded paper paper shredding
small tanks and cylinders of compressed gases helium tanks, propane cylinders
smoke alarms carbon monoxide (CO) alarms, carbon monoxide (CO) detectors, fire alarms, fire detectors, smoke alarms, smoke detectors
tires bicycle tires, bike tires, car tires, inner tubes
trash 3-ring binders, beauty products, candles, ceramic bowls, cups, dishes, and mugs, clay flower and garden pots, cosmetics, dog beds, fiberglass screen mesh, foam rubber cushions and mattress toppers, furnace filters, garden hoses, ice pack, lotion, luggage, makeup, melamine cups, dishes, and plates, padded envelopes / bubble wrap envelopes, pantyhose, pens, pencils, and markers, perfume, photos / photographs, pillows, plastic 6-pack beverage rings, plastic and rubber hoses, plastic shower curtains, plastic-coated paper, rubber gloves, rubber mulch, styrofoam/foam egg cartons, suitcases, tarps, tennis balls, terra cotta pots, videotapes, vinyl window blinds, wallpaper, x-ray films
trash cans garbage cans, metal trash cans, plastic trash cans
yard trim (leaves, grass, and brush) bamboo, branches, brush, grass, hay, leaves