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How to recycle / dispose cooking oil

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Where may I take my liquid cooking and vegetable oil?

Residents may bring up to 5 gallons of liquid cooking and vegetable oil to our Shady Grove Processing Facility and Transfer Station.

  • Go to the Recycling area.
  • Look for the vegetable oil container/tank.
  • Pour in your vegetable oil.

So that the oil may be recycled, do not mix it with any other fluids.

May I set my liquid cooking or vegetable oil out for curbside trash collection?

Do not set liquid cooking or vegetable oil out with your curbside trash items. This prevents oil leaks and spills before and while your trash is collected.

What do I do with empty cooking or vegetable oil bottles, containers or jars?

We accept empty glass and plastic cooking and vegetable oil bottles, containers, and jars for recycling

What happens to the oil accepted at the Transfer Station?

The oil is reused. Some of it is turned into animal feed. And, some of it is turned into biodiesel fuel.

What do I do with bacon fat or hamburger grease?

Pour fats and grease into a can, and allow the material to cool and solidify. Then, put the lidded can into your regular household trash.

See detailed instructions for fats and grease from the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission.

Locations accepted

  • Transfer Station

Material type

  • Other