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How to recycle / dispose oversized yard trim

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Oversized yard trim can include:

  • branches
  • root balls
  • stumps
  • tree sections
  • storm debris
  • yard trim from your private property that is too large for curbside collection, or cannot be bagged, bundled, or containerized

Who removes downed trees?

What are the size limits?

We limit sizes because unusually large stumps and tree sections pose unique problems with respect to safe handling and loading. They also can cause substantial equipment damage, even when loaded into trucks with reasonable care.

What is the disposal fee?

How do I prepare root balls for drop-off?

To prepare your root ball for drop-off, remove soil and rocks from it.

If removing the soil and rocks is not feasible, inform an attendant when you arrive at the Transfer Station. He or she can then direct you to a location where we can break up the root ball with a loader or excavator, and shake the rocks out before it is processed.

How do I prepare stumps for drop-off?

To prepare your stump for drop-off, take these steps at your construction site:

  • break up the root ball, and
  • knock off soil and stone at the base of the stump.

We can accept stumps as yard trim as long as there are no stones and rocks tied up in the roots.

Locations accepted

  • Transfer Station

Material type

  • Yard trim