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How to recycle / dispose paving materials

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We accept these materials as trash at our Shady Grove Processing Facility and Transfer Station.

Materials include

Railroad Ties

Railroad ties are no longer accepted at the Transfer Station due to handling and disposal requirements.

When can I bring my materials?

We accept paving materials, stone, and soil Monday through Saturday only, during the Shady Grove Road Entrance operating hours. We cannot accept these materials on weekday evenings or Sundays.

You must use the Shady Grove Road entrance. Our scales are located at this entrance, and we will weigh the load of these materials in your vehicle.

What is the disposal fee?

Because we handle these materials as trash, the Transfer Station fee schedule may apply, depending on the weight of your load.

What are the size limits?

Break, split, crush or cut materials at the work site to meet our maximum sizes. That lets them be handled safely and efficiently at the Transfer Station.

We accept material within these size limits:

Conglomerations of concrete, rebar and block and other bulky material must meet the approximate size restrictions noted above.

We limit sizes because huge chunks of concrete and asphalt pose unique problems with respect to safe handling and loading. They also can cause substantial equipment damage, even when loaded into trucks with reasonable care.

How do I prepare my materials for drop-off?

Keep materials separate when loading them.

For example, if a job is going to have a lot of broken asphalt, fence posts and trash, try to get clean loads of asphalt out before loading up mixtures of materials. This helps us maximize our processing options.

Does your soil contain lead?

Sorry, our Transfer Station cannot accept soil which contains lead.

Locations accepted

  • Transfer Station

Material type

  • Trash