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Ceremony Honors Award Winners of the Keep Montgomery County Clean and Green Annual Beautification Landscape and Amateur Photography Competitions & Adopt A Road Clean Sweeps Awards

For Immediate Release: Friday, November 18, 2016

The Montgomery County Department of Transportation (MCDOT) in partnership with Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) announced sixty-one (61) winners of its 30th annual Keep Montgomery County Clean and Green (KMCCG) beautification awards.  Eighteen (18) amateur photographers were also honored in addition to two (2) Clean Sweep Awards for the Adopt A Road program.

The beautification competition was open to community groups, businesses, public institutions and other organizations undertaking landscaping projects that enhance the appearance of commonly owned sections of commercial or residential properties.  More than twenty years ago, concerned volunteers formed the Keep Montgomery County Clean and Green Task Force to work with the County to develop beautification projects and anti-litter and recycling programs.  The group also conducts public education to change resident attitudes about littering and graffiti. The Bethesda Urban Partnership, the business sponsor for the ceremony, donated over thirty-five colorful centerpieces.

Winners of the 30th annual KMCCG community beautification awards

The goal of this competition is to encourage landscaping projects that support beauty without toxicity; reduce stormwater runoff; minimize water use; provide wildlife habitat; and, keep pesticides and fertilizers out of local streams – and ultimately, the Chesapeake Bay. The use of native plants was highly encouraged and entries could not contain non-native invasive species. Judges this year included Ann English, Carla Ellen, Pam Rowe, Donna Evans, Mary Travglini and Darian Copiz of the Department of Environmental Protection and Rainscapes Program, and Audrie Whitney, Carol Jarvis, Dianne Gregg and Julie Perlman – members of the Landscape Design Council’s National Capital Area Garden Club.  

KMCCG awards that are labeled “New” are recently established projects initiated between fall 2015 through spring 2016. Awards that are labeled “Environmental” are projects that contribute to environmental sustainability, such as planned wildlife habitats and conservation plantings.

RAINSCAPES rain gardens or conservation projects that meet Rainscapes Program guidelines are designed to handle stormwater and are visible to County residents.


Award of Excellence: Lorain Avenue – Backyard Bounty, Chevy Chase

Award of Merit: Woodland Hills Home Owners Association (HOA) Wildpark – Community Volunteers, Gaithersburg


Award of Excellence: Butler Montessori Conversation Landscape – Darnestown

Award of Excellence: Carderrock Springs Demonstration Garden, Deyo Landscape and Garden Design, LLC -  Gaithersburg

Award of Excellence: Woodmoor Triangle Pollinator Garden, Woodmoor Garden Club – Gaithersburg

Award of Excellence: Sherwood High School Horticulture Pathway, Sherwood High School Environmental Horticulture Class- Sandy Spring

YOUTH are outdoor projects installed and maintained by an individual or group of people ages 18 or younger.

(Environmental) Award of Distinction: Rockville High School Conservation Landscape, RHS Horticulture Students - Rockville

(Environmental) Award of Merit: Sligo Creek Elementary School Outdoor Classroom, Sligo Creek Elementary School Horticulture Class -  Silver Spring

COMMUNITY SPACES are community plantings visible to County residents and installed and maintained by community residents through homeowner associations, garden clubs or civic organizations.

(New) Honorable Mention: Cranbrook Court Circle, The Neighbors of Cranbrook Court, Bethesda

(New) Award of Merit: East Bethesda Citizens Association, East Bethesda Garden Club and Community - Bethesda

(New) Honorable Mention: Jessup Blair Park, Silver Spring Garden Club - Silver Spring

(New) Honorable Mention: Lybrook Court Circle, The Neighbors of Lybrook Court - Bethesda

(Environmental) Award of Merit: Woodland Hills Homeowners Association Sign, Community Volunteers - Gaithersburg

COMMERCIAL/RETAIL are outdoor landscaping projects designed and maintained by professional landscape architects or contractors at locations such as shopping malls, restaurants, retail businesses, gas stations, etc.

Honorable Mention: Goshen Sunoco - Gaithersburg

Award of Merit: Lobsang Executive Shell - Rockville

PUBLIC/PRIVATE INSTITUTIONAL are outdoor projects at locations such as schools, government buildings, residential communities, hospitals, churches or libraries.



(Environmental) Award of Excellence: Jamestown Creek Wild Plant Sanctuary, Westmoreland Hills Garden Club - Bethesda

Award of Distinction: Master Gardeners 4H Garden, Master Gardeners of Montgomery County - Gaithersburg

Award of Merit: The Betty West English Garden, Garden Club of Chevy Chase - Chevy Chase

(Environmental) Award of Merit: Wire Avenue Pollinator & Butterfly Garden, The Neighbors of Wire Avenue - Gaithersburg

Award of Merit: Woodmoor Community Garden- the Point, Woodmoor Garden Club - Silver Spring



Honorable Mention: Arden Court, Ermes Lawn and Landscaping - Silver Spring

Award of Merit: Montgomery General Hospital Serenity Garden, Seedling Garden Club - Olney

Award of Distinction: Montgomery General Hospital Thrift Store Butterfly Garden, Seedling Garden Club - Olney

Award of Excellence: Northwest Branch Pool, Backyard Bounty - Silver Spring

(New) Award of Excellence: Poolesville Community Garden, Community Volunteers - Poolesville

Honorable Mention: Shady Grove Apartments, Green Scene Landscaping - Derwood

SUSTAINED EXCELLENCE are three-time winners of the Award of Excellence and are transitioned into this category.

First Year: American Plant Landscape Design Center, American Plant Landscape Division - Bethesda

(Environmental) First Year: Aspen Hill Library Gardens, Aspen Hill Garden Club - Rockville

First Year: Westmoreland Hills Corner Garden, Westmoreland Hills Garden Club - Bethesda

Second Year: Master Gardeners Triangle Garden, Master Gardeners of Montgomery County - Gaithersburg

Second Year: National Auto Body - Rockville.

Third Year: Master Gardeners Heritage Garden, Master Gardeners of Montgomery County - Gaithersburg

Third Year: Grosvenor Park MTA Monument, Lancaster Landscapes - Gaithersburg

Fourth Year: HTCA Triangle Garden, Huntington Terrace Citizens’ Association - Bethesda

Fourth Year: Master Gardeners Demonstration Gardens, Derwood Agricultural Farm Park - Derwood


Award of Excellence: Decoverly Community Association, Community Spaces – Germantown

Sustained Excellence: Key West Condominiums, First Year - Germantown


Award of Distinction: Potomac Crossing, Community Spaces -  Rockville

Sustained Excellence: Tucker Station Homeowners Association, First Year - Potomac

Award of Excellence: Volger Raingardens, Rainscapes - Rockville

Award of Excellence: Willows of Potomac, Public Institutional – Potomac



Award of Merit: Asbury Methodist Village Rosborough Center, Public Institutional - Gaithersburg

Award of Excellence: Democracy Center, Public Institutional – Bethesda

Sustained Excellence: Marriott Corporate Headquarters First Year - Bethesda

Award of Distinction: One Washingtonian Center, Commercial /Retail – Gaithersburg

Award of Excellence: Town of Gloucester Condo Association, Community Space - Burtonsville



Award of Distinction: Beall Dawson Historical Park, Public Institutional - Rockville

Sustained Excellence: Veirs Mill Road Landscape Enhancement, Fourth Year - Rockville

Sustained Excellence: The Pump House of Croydon Park, Second Year – Rockville

Sustained Excellence: The Ponds at Fallsgrove, Second Year - Rockville



Sustained Excellence: Bethesda Row, Third Year - Bethesda

Award of Excellence: Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Public Institutional - Germantown

Award of Distinction: The Jewish Community Center, Public Institutional- Rockville

Award of Distinction: Kensington Park Retirement, Public Intuitional - Rockville

Sustained Excellence: Marshall Farms, First Year – Laytonsville

Sustained Excellence: United Therapeutics, Second Year – Silver Spring

Award of Distinction: Washington Episcopal School, Public Institutional - Bethesda


THE GOLDEN TROWEL AWARD are the fifth year of Sustained Excellence and the retirement from the competition. 

Hughes Network, Brightview Landscape Services - Germantown

Rockville Town Square, Ruppert Landscape Services - Rockville

Silver Spring Metro, Rupert Landscape Services - Silver Spring


CAROL CARTER EXCEPTIONAL ACHIEVEMENT AWARD is the first time MCDOT and DEP have announced this prestigious award for the landscape entry that scored the highest number of points in the entire competition.

(New) Rainscapes - Award of Excellence: Meadow Lane, Backyard Bounty – Chevy Chase


Winners of the 25th annual Amateur Photography Competition

 For the Annual Amateur Photography Competition the volunteer judges were professional photographers; David Terao, Hilary Schwab, and Jonathan Goell who judged fifty five (55) photographs.  The winning photographs were selected by scoring based on effective composition, originality, technique, interest and relevance of the subject matter.


MONTGOMERY COUNTY, BY DAY – Any photo taken outdoors in Montgomery County that depicts something fun, beautiful or exciting during daytime hours.

First Place: “Silky Waters” by Steve Brick - Potomac

Second Place: “Misty Morning” by Paul Locher, Jr. - Silver Spring

Third Place: “Rectangular Radiance” by Susan Dunn - Damascus


MONTGOMERY COUNTY, BY NIGHT – Any photo taken outdoors in Montgomery County that depicts something fun, beautiful or exciting during nighttime.

First Place: “Milky Way Over Little Bennett” by Misty Carter - Clarksburg

Second Place: “The Mystical Woodmont Triangle” by Pamela Coleman - Bethesda

Third Place: “November Silhouette” by Dianne Fontes - Rockville


MONTGOMERY COUNTY LANDMARKS – Any photo taken outdoors in Montgomery County of a natural or manmade commonly recognized landmark or scene.

First Place: “Great Falls” by Sam Lin - Potomac

Second Place: “Charles E. Mercer on the Canal” by Alan Kolnik - N. Bethesda

Third Place: “Around The Bend by Lisa Sieg - Derwood


MONTGOMERY COUNTY HER PEOPLE – Any photo taken of one or more persons involved in County activities, close-up or distant, showing leisure activity, productivity, or community service.

First Place: “Great Falls Canal Boat” by Char Harouna - Potomac

Second Place: “Taking Care of The Kayaks” by Linda G. Eisenstadt - Silver Spring

Third Place: “Engagement at Sugarloaf Mountain” by Patty Bajorek - Boyds


MONTGOMERY COUNTY AT WORK – Any photo taken of one or more persons at work, contributing to the livability and splendor of our County.

First Place: “Delivering Us from Snowzilla” by Bidyottam Mittra - Derwood

Second Place: “Busy Hands” by Valerie Grace - Rockville

Third Place: “MC Fire Crew Rescues” by Sanford H. Shudnow - Silver Spring


MONTGOMERY COUNTY YOUTH – This optional category allows only those who are 18 years old or younger to choose to participate and compete against each other.

First Place: “Nature’s Fireworks” by Ruma Kalsi - Chevy Chase

Second Place: “A Little Bit of Heaven” by Brook Boyland - Damascus

Third Place: “Summertime Wishes” by Rachel Kern - Rockville

ADOPT A ROAD CLEAN SWEEP AWARDS FOR FISCAL YEAR 16 (July 1, 2015 to June 30, 2016) – are those Adopt A Road participants who submit regular cleaning reports. This data gathering initiative MCDOT uses to measure results of the program. The individual/groups below have won an Award of Excellence in reporting the highest number of:

Reported Cleanings: Stan Slater performed 155 cleanings along one mile of Brooke Road in Sandy Spring.

Trash Bags Collected: Glenstone Foundation collected 129 55-gallons of trash and debris along one mile of Glen Road in Potomac.

To see photos of the awards ceremony and photographs of the winning entrants photographs and landscape projects, visit MCDOT’s website at

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