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Ride On Receives Customer Compliments in May

For Immediate Release: Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Below are some of the great things customers had to say about Ride On and its operators during the month of May:


  • Route 52 – “I would like to recognize Cassandra T. on Route 52, 6 a.m. from Montgomery General Hospital to Rockville, for her jovial and kind disposition. She is always on time and we're sorry to see her go.  All the very best Cassandra, and hope to see you again soon!”

  • Route 56 – “Shout out to driver Chrystal on Route 56 from #Rockville @ 5:40 a.m. Thank you for an amazing few months that took the hassle out of my morning commute. Chrystal is truly one of a kind.... impeccable customer service. It was like riding with your friend to work every morning.”

  • Route 57 – A customer submitted a compliment for bus driver Andre who was driving bus 57. Mr. Ellis stated that Andre was very informative and helpful. The caller is disabled and hasn't ridden the bus for years.  Andre made sure the customer knew what bus to catch and where to get off to connect to his next bus.

  • Route 1 – “This is a compliment for Ride-on Bus Operator Marcus.  He is professional, kind and courteous.  He is punctual and it is a pleasure to commute from Silver Spring Station to Friendship Heights with him on my evening commute.”

  • Route 47 – “Today, I rode the 47 bus from Bethesda to Rockville. The bus left the Bethesda Metro Station at 8:15. Unfortunately I did not write the driver’s name down but I wanted to let you know that he does a wonderful job. He is very customer service oriented. He gives a cheery ‘thank you’ to passengers boarding and exiting the bus. I watched him interact with several people with limited English and he was very patient and respectful.  He is a great representative of Ride On and the County. I have a lot of respect for the drivers. They have a challenging job and aren’t always appreciated as they should be.”

  • Route 11 – “I would like to extend a compliment to the driver of Bus #09 5318 (Route 11, Silver Spring to Friendship Heights) for his professionalism. Over the past few months, I have been on this weekday route and have consistently had positive experiences.”

  • Route 26 – “Great driver on bus 1644015D (26 Glenmont) and very friendly.”  

  • Route 64 – “I commend this driver for excellent driving skills. From the very moment, I entered the bus in Montgomery Village, I realized that this driver was very concerned about the safety of his passengers. Here are examples: he waited for people boarding the bus to be seated before putting the bus in motion. He stopped slowly when approaching bus waiting stations. When turning corners, he did so carefully so that standing passengers did not lose their balance. He always observed the speed limits. He navigated Quail Valley Boulevard -- which has cars parked on both sides - very skillfully.  This ride was one of smoothest and most pleasant I have had recently. This driver is a credit to the Ride-On organization. I hope there will be an opportunity for his supervisor to recognize his professionalism.”

  • Route 34 – “Bus Driver Margaret was very polite. She greeted everyone and thanked people for riding the bus. She was very enthusiastic and friendly. She made my morning commute very pleasant and I would like to thank her.”

  • Route 100 – “I left my keys and other important items on the bus. Bus Driver Tommy returned the items in a timely manner. The driver is very polite and has positive energy every day.”

  • Route 79 – “My bus driver, Steven, made sure I got to work on time and I’d like to thank him.” 

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