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County Makes Public Online Requests for Wireless Telecommunications Sitings

For Immediate Release: Thursday, January 4, 2018

Beginning today, the County’s Transmission Facility Coordination Group ("TFCG," also known as the "Tower Committee") website,, is making available to the public, online 24/365 access to over 3,100 wireless telecommunication siting applications filed by telecom providers dating back to 1996.  Previously, the County made the database of application information available and applications could be reviewed in person by appointment. 


In addition to creating online access to prior applications, access to all new pending applications will be granted as applications have complete information to begin review by the County. A url link will be provided to gain access to each application.  The application will provide location, design, proposed equipment, and photo simulations of new wireless antenna and facility deployments. The County will update the application links and database weekly. Previously, the database was updated monthly.

On the TFCG website, the spreadsheet of application data will continue to allow the public to sort and filter applications by type, structure, telecom provider, and dozens of other fields. The TFCG website also has an interactive GIS mapping feature that allows search capabilities for both current and proposed telecommunication facilities. 


In the past two years, applications received by Montgomery County to deploy wireless antennas, and structures to host antenna, has increased tenfold.  The need for increased capacity in areas with high user demands, and preparing for 5G technology, are driving the increased need for more facilities in Montgomery County.  Providing the public access to the applications and proposed sites as they become known to the County, as well as application information about proposed structure design and locations, will help the public better understand how new deployments will impact their neighborhoods and access to wireless broadband, voice, and mapping services.  The TFCG is the centralized source for all telecommunications applications to begin the required review processes within the County. 

All new features can be found at:  Click on the Tower locations link for the applications and the map link to activate the interactive GIS mapping feature. 


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Media contact:  Patrick Lacefield, 240-777-6507

Release ID: 18-439
Media Contact: Patrick Lacefield 240-777-6507