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For Immediate Release: Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Council to introduce changes to improve
development review process for business headquarters
with 25,000 or more employees on April 10

Also on April 10: Zoning changes to help promote farm alcohol production and
a discussion on strategies for expanding pre-kindergarten and early care programs

ROCKVILLE, Md., April 9, 2018—The Montgomery County Council will introduce Zoning Text Amendment (ZTA) 18-05, Uses, Use Standards, and Regulatory Approvals - Signature Business Headquarters, which would improve the review process for large businesses with 25,000 or more employees on Tuesday, April 10 at 9:30 a.m. in the third floor hearing room. The proposed zoning change would not affect any existing master plan recommended densities but would allow more flexibility in changes to the allocation between residential and commercial uses.

ZTA 18-05 is sponsored by the District Council at the request of the County Executive. The zoning proposal would expedite the review process for a headquarters or a primary place of business of a single commercial or industrial organization that will locate at least 25,000 employees in a single metro policy area. ZTA 18-05 would reduce the regulatory review period from 120 to 60 days.

The staff report can be viewed at: .

In conjunction with ZTA 18-05, the Council will introduce Subdivision Regulation Amendment (SRA) 18-02, Administrative Subdivision - Signature Business Headquarters. SRA 18-02, which is sponsored by the District Council at the request of the County Executive, would create a new land use category called a “signature business headquarters.” An applicant may file an administrative subdivision plan in place of a preliminary plan for this type of project. 

The staff report can be viewed at: .

The Council also will introduce Zoning Text Amendment (ZTA) 18-03, Farm Alcohol Production – Standards, which is sponsored by Council President Hans Riemer and Councilmember Craig Rice. Councilmembers George Leventhal, Sidney Katz and Nancy Floreen are cosponsors. ZTA 18-03 would incorporate many of the standards that were applicable to wineries and apply those standards and others to breweries, cideries and distilleries. ZTA 18-03 also would allow tasting rooms, the sale of food (to the extent allowed by the state manufacturing license) and up to nine events a year with 300 or more people. A larger number of events would be allowed, only if the use is approved as a conditional use.

The staff report can be viewed at: .

The Council also will vote on a resolution opposing the addition of a question about citizenship status on the 2020 Census. The lead sponsor of the resolution is Council Vice President Nancy Navarro. All other Councilmembers are cosponsors.

The staff report can be viewed at: .

Finally, the Council will have a discussion on developing a shared strategy for expanding pre-kindergarten and early care and education programs in the County. Councilmembers have long expressed interest in expanding quality early childhood education and care services including pre-kindergarten opportunities and ensuring that the County’s children enter kindergarten ready to learn. At the Council review of the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) capital budget on March 13, Councilmembers requested a meeting to discuss the current state of early childhood programs in the County and develop strategies for expanding these services.

The staff report can be viewed at: .

Several public hearings are scheduled for 1:30 p.m. View the full list at .
The Council’s first public hearing on the fiscal year 2019 operating budget and capital budget amendments is scheduled to start at 7 p.m.

All Council meetings and public hearings are broadcast live on County Cable Montgomery (Cable Channel 6 or 996 on Comcast, Channel 6 or 1056 on RCN and Channel 30 on Verizon) and are streamed live on the Council’s website at:  .

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