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MCDOT’s First All-Pedestrian Traffic Signal in Downtown Bethesda Halts Traffic in All Directions for Pedestrians

For Immediate Release: Wednesday, May 9, 2018

To improve pedestrian and traffic safety along Arlington Road in Bethesda, MCDOT changed the traffic signals at Arlington Road and Bethesda Avenue to halt traffic in all directions, allowing pedestrians to cross all legs of the intersection at the same time.  This is the first all-pedestrian intersection created in Bethesda. MCDOT will be monitoring its performance over the coming months. 

The all-pedestrian signal change is part of a larger plan to make pedestrian and traffic safety improvements to the Arlington Road corridor. Last fall, MCDOT restriped all the crosswalks and made other repairs to improve pedestrian infrastructure on Arlington Road. Since then, traffic signals at Moorland and Edgemoor Lanes were modified to increase walk time and include leading pedestrian intervals (LPI), which provide the walk signal to pedestrians prior to the green signal for traffic in the same direction. These LPI’s allow pedestrians to establish their priority in the intersection before traffic starts moving. In addition, MCDOT changed the signal operations at Edgemoor Lane and Arlington Road to eliminate left-turning vehicle conflicts with pedestrian crossings.  Similar signal changes were also made at Arlington Road and Elm Street. 

Next spring, the traffic signal at Elm Street will be reconstructed so that accessibility at the intersection can be improved.   

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