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Council Committee Meetings on Feb. 11

For Immediate Release: Monday, February 11, 2019

The following committee meetings are scheduled for Monday, Feb. 11. Individuals interested in attending a committee meeting should confirm the information on the day of the meeting by visiting the Council’s web page at or by calling the Council’s Communications Office at 240-777-7931. All meetings are held in the Council Office Building (100 Maryland Ave., Rockville, Md.), unless otherwise noted.

Meeting: Planning, Housing and Economic Development (PHED) Committee
Time: 9:30 a.m.
Location: Seventh floor hearing room
PHED Committee: Councilmembers Hans Riemer (chair), Andrew Friedson (lead for parks) and Will Jawando
Executive Regulation 05-17, Troubled Properties
The PHED Committee will review Executive Regulation 05-17, Troubled Properties. This regulation sets forth a methodology for designating troubled properties under County law, based on the severity and quantity of violations, with rental housing units designated as troubled properties being subject to annual inspections and the requirement to develop and implement a corrective action plan. Those expected to attend include the following: Tim Goetzinger, acting director, Department of Housing and Community Affairs (DHCA); Chris Anderson, chief, Community Development Division, DHCA; and Dan McHugh, manager, Housing Code Enforcement, DHCA.

The Council staff report can be viewed here.

Meeting: Education and Culture (E&C) Committee
Time: 2 p.m.
Location: Seventh floor hearing room
E&C Committee: Councilmembers Craig Rice (chair), Evan Glass (lead for homelessness and vulnerable communities) and Council President Nancy Navarro
Montgomery Coalition for Adult English Literacy
The E&C Committee will receive an update on the Montgomery Coalition for Adult English Literacy (MCAEL), which promotes the teaching of English to adults whose native language is not English. In addition to helping strengthen the capacity of adult English literacy providers to deliver high-quality programs and serving as a community resource for information on adult English literacy, MCAEL also allocates funding to organizations seeking grant funding. The committee receives an annual update from MCAEL prior to reviewing its operating budget in the spring. Kathy Stevens, executive director of MCAEL, and Marta Brito Perez, board chair, are expected to attend.

The Council staff report can be viewed here.

CIP Amendments for Montgomery County Public Schools–overview and affordability issues
The E&C Committee will review affordability issues related to Montgomery County Public Schools’ (MCPS) proposed amendments to the fiscal year 2019-2024 (FY19-24) Capital Improvements Program (CIP). The Board of Education’s FY19-24 amendment request totals $1.826 billion. This level of funding is $47.6 million (or 2.7 percent) more than the latest approved FY19-24 CIP of $1.78 billion. The County Executive’s recommendation assumes $1.77 billion in six-year expenditures, which is $8.6 million less than the latest approved FY19-24 CIP and $56.2 million less than the Board request.

The Council staff report can be viewed here.

Montgomery County Public Schools Choice Programs
The E&C Committee will close out its meeting with an update on MCPS Choice Programs. This update will focus on the changes that MCPS has made to the structure of and access to choice and special academic programs at the elementary and middle school level. The Board of Education plans to discuss potential changes to programs at the high school level later this spring. Those expected to attend include the following: Dr. Maria Navarro, chief academic officer; Scott Murphy, director of secondary curriculum and districtwide programs; and Niki Hazel, director of elementary curriculum and districtwide programs.

The Council staff report can be viewed here.

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Release ID: 19-054
Media Contact: Sonya Healy 240-777-7926 , Juan Jovel 240-777-7931