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For Immediate Release: Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Montgomery Limits on Parking for Commercial Vehicles, RVs, Buses Go Into Effect July 1

Parking Will Be Prohibited on Certain Neighborhood Streets

ROCKVILLE, Md., June 23, 2009 – New regulations prohibiting the parking of heavy commercial vehicles, buses and recreational vehicles on Montgomery County public roadways under certain conditions will go into effect on July 1.

The regulations were approved unanimously in January by the Council. Councilmember Mike Knapp was the chief sponsor of the legislation that addresses the proliferation of these vehicles on many neighborhood streets, and in some circumstances, affecting safety on the streets because they overwhelm sightlines.

The bill will prohibit the parking of recreational vehicles on all public roads for more than 18 hours. The 18-hour provision will permit people to load or unload vehicles such as campers, RVs and boats. The current law prohibits on-street parking of a recreational vehicle for more than 24 hours, unless it is parked in front of an owner’s home. The new law limits on-street parking of recreational vehicles to a maximum of 18 hours even if it is parked in front of an owner’s home. The legislation limits the parking of heavy commercial vehicles to public roads where both sides of the street are zoned for industrial use. In addition, the bill prohibits parking of recreational vehicles on public roadways.
Heavy commercial and recreational vehicles parked illegally on public roadways after July 1 will be issued $75 citations.

Currently, some vehicles are parked on neighborhood roadways because homeowners’ associations prohibit the parking of the vehicles on association streets. In some other cases, homeowners either do not have driveways or areas on their property large enough to park their vehicles.

The current restrictions for on-street parking of a commercial vehicle allow parking on a street in front of a vacant lot or other undeveloped area in a residential area.

Making roads safe for all drivers and pedestrians is the main thrust behind the legislation.

During public meetings, residents said that large vehicles were limiting the line of sight on roads and making it difficult to make turns on narrow neighborhood streets. Additionally, they said large vehicles endanger pedestrians because they cannot be seen by drivers. The oversized vehicles create safety issues because predators can hide and be unseen in between the large vehicles. Residents mentioned that large vehicles are using park areas that were designed to supplement parking for personal vehicles of residents in these neighborhoods, as some neighborhoods have limited parking for residents under normal circumstances.

To see a copy of Bill 27-08: Motor Vehicles and Traffic Parking Regulations Commercial Vehicles, Recreational Vehicles, and Buses, go to
A list of where to park heavy commercial vehicles is available at

The Montgomery County Police Department has produced an informational brochure outlining the restrictions, explaining the citations that will be issued and providing phone numbers where residents may report any vehicles parked illegally.

• The brochure is available in English at

• The brochure is available in Spanish at

A video explaining the new law, its rationale, its enforcement and what is and isn't allowed can be viewed online at

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