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Speech and Testimony

County Executive Leggett’s Remarks at the Ride On extRa Launch Event

Lakeforest Transit Center, 9600 Lost Knife Road, Gaithersburg


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Good morning! Today we launched Ride On extRa, a new service to provide faster commutes and more transit connections along Route 355 – Ride On’s highest ridership corridor.

These rush-hour buses will run every 10 minutes and make just 12 stops from Lakeforest Transit Center in Gaithersburg, to Medical Center Metro, in Bethesda.

This is a bold new service, that we are making free for our riders for the first month; and it can help us achieve several of our County’s high priority goals.

To start, Ride On extRa promotes our goal of an effective and efficient transportation network.

Ride On extRa offers a swift commuting spine during rush hour – connecting people to half of the bus routes in the County, the Red Line & MARC train.

These connections are significant: Transit commuters along Route 355 now have many new options to travel more conveniently and more quickly to work, school, and other destinations.

Ride On extRa also offers benefits to those who currently drive to work, college, or other destinations.

People who previously didn’t feel they had the right connections, or speed, or frequency of service, to make public transit work for them – may well find that they have all of that now.

And, while on board, Ride On extRa, commuters can be more engaged with their work, studies, family and friends, because Ride On extRa passengers have Wi-Fi and USB ports available to them.

All told, Ride On extRa may offer a more hassle-free commute than driving one’s own car along Route 270 or 355.

Ride On extRa may provide many the reason they’ve been waiting for to leave their car at home and use transit instead to commute to work, college, and other destinations.

I also want to note that Ride On extRa promotes two other County goals – healthy and sustainable communities, and a strong and vibrant economy.

It’s clear that we must reduce climate change risks to our environment and the economy. Investing in effective and efficient public transit is one way to help achieve that.

Montgomery County recently joined the Subnational Global Climate Leadership Coalition – a pact by government entities around the globe to limit the increase in global average temperature to below 2 degrees Celsius.

This new Ride On extRa service is part of Montgomery County’s ongoing efforts to provide people even more transportation choices that are safe, convenient, and environmentally friendly.

And, it’s one of our many contributions to the global pact we signed against climate change.

I know many people are tired of driving to and from work every day.

So, I encourage those who commute along the 355 or 270 corridors to take a look and see whether Ride On extRa might help get you where you need to go.

In addition to offering convenience, Ride On extRa offers a way for everyone to contribute to the global effort against climate change. 

Again, service is free for the first month, and we’ve gone the extra mile to make it as comfortable as possible. So, I encourage everyone to check out your options and give it a go!

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Release ID: 17-097
October 2; 10:30 a.m.