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Speech and Testimony

County Executive Leggett’s Remarks at the Walk to School Day


Ronald McNair Elementary School, 13881 Hopkins Rd, Germantown


As prepared


Good morning everyone! This is Ike Leggett, your County Executive, and I’m here today with School Superintendent Dr. Smith and your principal Mrs. Moses.

I’m glad to be here at Ronald McNair Elementary. And I am especially glad to hear this school was just named a national blue-ribbon school, based on excellent academics and the hard work of all the faculty, staff and, of course, students.

I hope everyone who could walk had a great time walking to school today! Ronald McNair Elementary is part of something big! Students at thousands of schools across America are walking to school today – just like many of you did.

After today, I hope all of you will keep moving, as often as you can, because walking, or otherwise staying active, is not only fun, but it helps keep your body and mind strong and ready for learning.

Whether you want to be an athlete, a scientist, a doctor, a teacher, or pursue any other profession, you need to have a strong mind and body so that you can realize all of your dreams.

Now, I want to talk about walking safely: When you’re near the road, please use the crosswalk and please stop – look - and listen, before you cross the street.

Your principal, Mrs. Moses, gave me a report about how many of you used the crosswalk this morning. I’m very proud of everyone.

I encourage everyone to get moving as often as you can, use the crosswalks, and have fun.

Thank you and have a great day!

# # #


Release ID: 17-100
October 4; 9:15 a.m.