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Speech and Testimony

County Executive Leggett’s Remarks at the Nebel Street Separated Bike Lanes Press Event

Nebel Street and Marinelli Road, Rockville

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Welcome to our formal opening of the Nebel Street Separated Bike Lane – the second one in Montgomery County.


The first –just a couple blocks away along Woodglen Drive – was the first suburban protected bike lane in the country.


We’re here at Nebel Street and Marinelli Road because the next step will be building another bike lane along Marinelli, connecting this lane on Nebel Street to the White Flint Metro Station.


And, I’m glad to say that there are more bike lanes to come.


For example, as the Saul Project goes forward across Rockville Pike, these separated bike lanes will complete the connection between the Pike District and downtown Bethesda, along the Bethesda Trolley Trail.


I also want to recognize the local community, including the bicycle community, for their help in planning this good work. We’ve had a lot of input and we appreciate all their support.


The Pike District is in the process of transforming itself into a walkable, bikeable, transit-oriented community.


Smart growth means more economic opportunities, more jobs, and a better environment.


It means Montgomery County is more competitive and brings greater prosperity and a stronger sense of community to this area.


My administration is steadfastly supporting this transformation.


With the commitment and creativity of the Montgomery County Transportation Department, we’re establishing a denser street grid and narrowing the roads for a better pedestrian experience.


We’re also adding more separated bike lanes, shared use paths and sidewalks.


These connections will provide easy access to key destinations – transit, shopping, restaurants and residences – all without needing a car.


Within the next five years, this will look like a very different place

The Pike District is not the only location where we are making these improvements.


In Bethesda, in just a couple weeks, we will complete a separated contraflow bike lane on Glenbrook Road from Bradley Boulevard to south of Fairfax Road/Little Falls parkway.


Additionally, in our Bicycle, Pedestrian Priority Areas, you will see more of these new facilities in the near future.


And, our plans for BRT on Route 29 will include sidewalks, bikeways and Bikeshare.


Throughout Montgomery County, our vision is to promote all modes of transportation. We are working hard to enable people to get to work, school, shopping and social activities using whatever method makes best sense for them - whether that be walking, driving, bus, Metrorail, bicycle or ride-share.


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Release ID: 16-059
October 17, 2016; 9:30 a.m.