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How to recycle / dispose cans

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We accept cans and tins

What cans and tins are accepted?

examples of aluminum cans, bimetal (steel) cans and tins, and aluminum foil products

  • all metal food, beverage, and pet food cans
  • tins from cookies, fruit cakes, popcorn, and similar items
  • aerosol cans from non-hazardous products
    • Examples include whipped topping, spray cooking oil, deodorant, hair spray, shaving cream

For larger metal items, see our scrap metal instructions.

How do you prepare your cans and tins?

Rinse all containers. Then, place them into your recycling bin.

What cans and tins are not accepted?

We cannot accept for recycling aerosol or other cans that have held automotive or hazardous products.

  • If the cans are completely empty, place them into your regular household trash.
  • If the cans have remaining hazardous products in them, bring them to our Household Hazardous Waste drop-off.

Locations accepted

  • Transfer Station
  • Curbside Collection

Material type

  • Recycling