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How to recycle / dispose household hazardous waste

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This Household Hazardous Waste program is open to Montgomery County residents with home-generated hazardous waste. All patrons must provide proof of residency.

A small business that may generate a small amount of hazardous waste might find it can save time and money on disposal using the ECOWISE program. Also, when a business cleans up a residence and takes possession of household hazardous waste in the process, that waste becomes its hazardous waste and it must pay to dispose of this material through the ECOWISE program, if it meets the program's requirements.

Don't Turn Your Trash Can Into a Fire Hazard

What is household hazardous waste (HHW)?

Hazardous materials have any of these properties

  • reactive
  • ignitable
  • combustible
  • toxic, and/or
  • corrosive

What materials are accepted as HHW?

Examples of accepted materials include

If you have over 15 gallons of liquid or 75 pounds of solid wastes, please call the Division of Solid Waste Services at 240-777-6587 to arrange a drop-off.

Smoke alarms are not hazardous waste.

Where and when do I bring my HHW?

The HHW drop-off is located in the Recycling Area of the Shady Grove Processing Facility and Transfer Station. Use the Route 355 / Frederick Road entrance to the facility.

The HHW drop-off for residents is open during the Transfer Station's hours of operation. Small businesses must bring material only during our ECOWISE program hours.

How do I dispose of sharps and syringes?

We do not accept medical sharps and syringes at our HHW drop-off. See our medical sharps and syringes page for disposal instructions.

What items are not accepted as hazardous waste?

Materials we cannot accept at our HHW drop-off include

Locations accepted

  • Transfer Station

Material type

  • Other