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USER: Tuesday, July 23, 2024
Fleet and Facility Management Reporting System - Apparatus Tracker and Defect Reporting System for Apparatus and Small Tools

User Guide
The Fleet Management Reporting System (FMRS) developed by the DTS – Application Development and Integration Team at the request of the MCFRS Apparatus Section consists of the following 2 web applications:
  1. Defect and Mileage Reporting Application: This application enables career and volunteer firefighters to submit apparatus/equipment defects and current equipment mileage online.
  2. Apparatus Tracker and Defect Administration Application: This application enables the FRS Apparatus section staff to both maintain apparatus/equipment inventory as well as manage the reported defects real-time. In addition, the application allows battalion chiefs to track the operational status and location of all units and provides uniformed DFRS personnel access to the apparatus operational status reports by breed and by battalion.
This document is a user guide for the Defect and Mileage Reporting application. It covers the following topics:
  • User Registration - This section explains how FRS personnel can self-register and create user accounts that they can use to access the Defect Reporting application.
  • Defect and/or Mileage Reporting - This section explains how users can submit a defect or a mileage report for an equipment.
  • Password Management- This section explains how users can reset their account password.