Recycling Bin - pickup request

Recycling Bin - pickup request 22-gallon recycling bins are used for bottles, cans, containers, and jars.

I need my old 22-gallon recycling bin picked up because:


If you would like to request a repair or replacement of your mixed paper wheeled cart, you may call 311 (240-777-0311) as cart service fulfilment is separate from 22-gallon bin service.

How to prepare your bin for pickup

  • Set your blue bin at the curb upside down and empty next Monday morning by 7:00 a.m.(We will collect sometime during the week M-F)
  • Leave the bin at the curb all week. The pick-up will occur when delivery personnel are in your neighborhood.

If you ordered a new bin at the same time, we will pick up your old bin when we deliver your new one.

When will you pick up my bin?

Blue bin pickups are made by County staff, not by your recycling collection crew. They may happen any day of the week, and not necessarily on your recycling day.

What happens to the blue bins we pick up?

We send broken blue bins we collect from residents back to the bin manufacturer for recycling.