Desk-side blue bin for your workplace

Desk-side blue bin for your workplace

You may order up to 999 of this item.

These bins are only available to businesses and organizations, including home-based businesses. For your home, please order our residential bins, cans, and carts.

How big are the bins?

  • 28-quart capacity
  • 15 inches high, 14.4 inches wide, 10.25 inches deep

May you get desk-side bins?

Businesses in Montgomery County that have service contracts or plans in place for recycling collection services may receive these inside recycling bins. These bins are intended to help small businesses set up successful recycling programs.

We do not provide collection services for businesses; businesses must contract recycling collection services with a licensed collector or self-haul their recyclables to a recycling center.

We reserve the right to limit the number of recycling bins provided.

How much do the bins cost?

If your business or organization qualifies for desk-side bins, we provide and deliver them free of charge.

When will you get your new bins?

We typically deliver bins within five business days of receiving your order. A contact person must be on-site when the recycling bins are delivered. We will coordinate delivery with this person.