Property Manager's Guide to Recycling

Montgomery County Executive Regulation 1-15 requires all multi-family properties to recycle certain materials. Recognizing that each property has unique characteristics and faces a different set of challenges, we want to assist you in tailoring your program to your specific situation. This guide is intended to help you develop an exemplary program that is successful, efficient, and cost-effective.

The handbook includes sections on:

  • Benefits - economic and environmental
  • Recyclable materials
  • Container requirements
  • Recycling and waste collection service
  • Annaul Multi-Family Recycling and Waste Reduction Report, including instructions and forms
  • Developing a successful multi-family recycling and waste reduction program
  • Compliance and enforcement
  • Reuse and waste reduction
  • Buying recycled products
  • Compost bin pick-up locations
  • TRRAC Recycling/Trash Weight Calculator