Executive Regulation 18-04: Collection,Transport, & Disposal of Solid Waste

Executive Regulation 18-04, adopted February 8, 2005, complements ER15-04AM by clearly establishing new recycling-related roles and responsibilities for haulers, collectors and all other persons using County acceptance facilities. It effectively bans the delivery of recyclables mixed in with waste delivered for disposal.

In addition, ER18-04 includes new but practical provisions which will efficiently promote enforcement of ER15-04AM. For example, under the new rule:

  • A collector who observes, or reasonably should have observed, recyclables in solid waste that has been set out for disposal must notify the Department and the customer (e.g. the waste generator who is regulated under ER15-04AM;
  • At any time during its collection or off-loading activities, upon the request of the Director, collectors must immediately provide an accurate and legible list of all customer locations from which waste was collected for the load carried at the time of the request.

In developing these reguations, the Division of Solid Waste Services worked with various stakeholders, including: the County Executive's Task Force on Recycling, Solid Waste Advisory Committee, Dickerson Area Facilities Implementation Group, Chambers of Commerce, business alliances, property management associations, licensed collectors, businesses, property managers, and others. Both regulations took effect immediately upon adoption.