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Printed on: 10/31/2020 9:18:27 AM
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Real Property Estimated Tax
and Other Non-tax Charges
a new owner will pay
in the first full fiscal year of ownership

Account Number:



Owner Name



18202  ROLLING MEADOW   WAY +180
OLNEY , MD 20832-1772

Tax Class


Refuse Info

Refuse Area: R
Refuse Unit:

Tax Information:


FY21 Phase-in Value1


Estimated FY21 


246,667 .1120 $276.27


246,667 .9912 $2,444.96


222.8600 $222.86






       The following footnote references apply only if the table above has a foot number reference.
  1. Phase in value comes from the data base at the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation, Real Property Data Search. The phase in value is for the next fiscal year, if available, otherwise the phase in value is for current fiscal year.
  2. Tax rates come from the current property tax bill, which also may include several non-tax charges, at the web page of the County Government's Department of Finance: Look for a link to "Pay or view your property tax bill on line".
  3. County Property Tax is the sum of the General Fund tax and several special fund taxes.
  4. All non-tax charges (for example Solid Waste, Water Quality Protection, Bay Restoration Fund, WSSC) are the charges in the current fiscal year. These charges may be different in the next fiscal year.
  5. This property is located in an existing development district. Each year a special development district assessment must be paid. Effective every July 1st, the rate will change based on changes in the property assessment and debt service requirements. More information is available in the FAQ section of this website.
  6. You must update the estimate for the property taxes and other non-tax charges
    1. Every July 1, because the tax rates, phase-in values, and other non-tax charges will or may change; AND ALSO
    2. In early January if the calculation used the phase-in value for the current fiscal year instead of the phase-in value for the next fiscal year, because SDAT had not yet specified the phase in value for the next fiscal year. This occurs in the period July 1 - early January in the third year of the three year assessment cycle.
  7. This property is located in a proposed development district. At some date in the future, development district taxes may be levied to pay debt service on bonds issued to build infrastructure in the district. It is important that property owners recognize that this additional tax may be levied in the future. The rate indicated above is an estimate and will change once the district is created and bonds are issued. More information is available in the FAQ section of this website.
  8. The Proposed Estimated Total includes all actual and proposed taxes and non-tax charges relative to this property.
  9. This is a one time charge assessed against this property and is not an annual fee. It should be paid before the property is sold and will remain due until paid.

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