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How to recycle / dispose bulk trash

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How do I request a bulk trash pickup?

How do I cancel a scheduled bulk trash pickup?

Call Montgomery County's Customer Service Center at 311 (or 240-777-0311) by 7:00 p.m. on the business day before your collection day. Thank you for the courtesy call!

What is bulk trash?

Some rules-of-thumb are that bulk trash is

  • an item that doesn’t fit in a trash can or trash bag
  • a single large item from home remodeling (examples: a door, a cabinet)
  • large non-metal items like furniture, carpet, and mattresses
  • 5 or more bags or cans of trash

We accept these general item types as bulk trash. If you have an item to be collected that is not on this list, please call 311 (or 240-777-0311).

  • Non-metal furniture (sofas, bookcases, etc.)
  • Rugs and carpet (please roll and tie)
  • Mattresses and box springs
  • Large non-metal toys
  • Mirrors or glass table tops that have been covered with newspaper and taped to prevent breakage
  • Bathroom fixtures (non-metal tubs, sinks, toilets)
  • Single items from minor home repair (wood door, bathroom vanity). We do not collect items generated from major home remodeling, demolition or construction.
  • Plastic trash cans

What items are not accepted in bulk trash pickups?

What do I do with bulk trash items unacceptable for curbside pickup?

County residents may bring items not accepted for bulk trash collection to the Shady Grove Processing Facility and Transfer Station or the Poolesville Beauty Spot. Dispose of loads of trash under 500 pounds at no charge. The Transfer Station also accepts trash loads of 500 pounds or more - see fee schedule.

Tree stumps more than three feet in diameter, and large auto parts cannot be disposed of at the Transfer Station.

Have more questions about collection and disposal of bulk trash?

Call the Montgomery County Customer Service Center at 311 (or 240-777-0311).

Locations accepted

  • Transfer Station
  • Poolesville Beauty Spot

Material type

  • Bulk trash - Special collection