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06/24/24 Adult Male Charged with Metro Bus Homicide in White Oak
06/21/24 Detectives Continue to Investigate Denver Road Double Homicide
06/06/24 Suspect Arrested in Frederick Avenue Homicide
06/04/24 Detectives Investigate Frederick Avenue Homicide
06/01/24 Chevy Chase Man Wanted in Connection with Death of Maryland Parole and Probation Agent
05/28/24 Detectives Investigate Denver Road Double Homicide
03/21/24 Three in Custody; Held Without Bond for Game Preserve Homicide
02/12/24 Game Preserve Road Death Being Investigated as a Homicide
02/05/24 Fourth Suspect Arrested in Connection with Bonifant Street Homicide
12/08/23 Forty-Four-Year-Old Charged in Old MacDonald Road Homicide
12/07/23 Silver Spring Man Charged in Connection with Death of Disabled Relative
12/04/23 Suspect Wanted in Connection with White Oak Homicide Arrested
11/29/23 Capitol Heights Man Killed; Major Crimes Investigating as Homicide
11/17/23 Police Need Help Locating White Oak Homicide Suspect
11/11/23 Major Crimes Detectives Investigate Lost Knife Circle Fatal Shooting
11/06/23 Two Men Wanted in Connection with Bonifant Street Homicide
11/06/23 Detectives Investigate White Oak Shopping Center Homicide
10/24/23 Major Crimes Division Investigates Fairdale Road Shooting
10/17/23 Four Charged in Connection with Death of Eighteen-Year-Old
10/08/23 Son Shoots Father in Olney Homicide
09/11/23 Twenty-One-Year-Old Woman Charged with Second Degree Murder
09/05/23 Layhill Man Arrested for Punch Street Homicide
08/25/23 Wanted Murder Suspect Turns Himself In
08/22/23 Montgomery Village Man Wanted for Murder
08/02/23 Nineteen-Year-Old Charged in Connection with Damascus Murder; Primary Suspect Still Wanted
07/14/23 Seventeen-Year-Old Killed in White Oak Shooting
07/14/23 Damascus Teen Wanted for Father's Day Murder
07/12/23 Gaithersburg Man's Body Recovered in Seneca Creek; Positively Identified
07/11/23 Hombre No Identificado Encontrado en Seneca Creek
07/10/23 Unidentified Male Found in Seneca Creek
07/08/23 Montgomery County Police Major Crimes Investigating Deadly Shooting
07/06/23 Detectives Investigate Lockwood Drive Homicide
06/19/23 Montgomery County Police Investigating Damascus Homicide
06/10/23 Montgomery County Police Investigating Germantown Fatal Shooting
05/23/23 Washington, DC Man Facing Murder and Child Abuse Charges
05/19/23 Montgomery County Police Investigating Wheaton Metro Homicide
05/15/23 Detectives Investigate Fenwick Lane Homicide: Victim’s Identity Released
05/05/23 Twenty-Year-Old Man Arrested in Connection to Old Columbia Pike Homicide
04/10/23 Montgomery County Police Investigating Murder of Twenty-Year-Old
03/27/23 Detectives Investigate Treetop Lane Homicide; Victim’s Identity Released
03/21/23 Two Adult Males Arrested in Connection to Hampshire Green Lane Homicide
03/08/23 Detectives Investigate Hampshire Green Lane Homicide; Victim's Identity Released
03/06/23 Detectives Investigate Bonifant Street Homicide; Victim's Identity Released
02/23/23 Detectives Release Video of White Oak Suspect in Connection to Fatal Shooting Inside Metro Bus
02/20/23 Montgomery County Police Investigating Fatal Shooting Inside a Metro Bus
02/17/23 Detectives Investigate Mills Choice Road Homicide; Suspect Arrested
02/02/23 Suspect Arrested in Lanier Drive Homicide
01/29/23 Detectives Investigate Homicide of Missing Twenty-Year-Old Woman
12/22/22 Detectives Investigate Wayne Ave. Homicide; Public’s Help Needed
12/15/22 Montgomery County Police Identify Body of Woman Found in White Oak Apartment
12/15/22 Four Arrested in Connection with Piney Branch Homicide
12/09/22 Detectives Arrest Thirty-One-Year-Old Man for New Hampshire Avenue Homicide
12/03/22 Detectives Investigate 16th Street Homicide
11/17/22 Fourth Teen Arrested in Connection with Gunners Branch Homicide
11/16/22 Detectives Investigate Piney Branch Homicide
11/10/22 Nineteen-Year-Old Dead Following Piney Branch Shooting
09/04/22 Adult Male Arrested and Charged in Connection With Rockville Stabbings - Victim's Name Released
08/17/22 Two Males Arrested and Charged with the December 2021 Rockville Homicide
06/30/22 Three Juveniles Arrested for Attempted Murder of a Police Officer
05/16/22 Seventeen-Year-Old Charged in Connection With Death of Germantown Teen
05/13/22 Crystal Rock Drive Homicide Update
05/05/22 Third Teen Arrested in Connection with Gunners Branch Homicide
05/05/22 Montgomery County Police Continue to Investigate 2001 Homicide of Leslie Jennings Preer
05/04/22 Two Teens Charged in Connection with Gunners Branch Homicide
04/23/22 Montgomery County Police Investigate Germantown Homicide; Victim's Name Released
04/13/22 Two Charged in Shooting Death of 19-Year-Old
04/04/22 Detectives Continue to Investigate Germantown Homicide - Asking Public for Assistance
03/22/22 Montgomery County Dentist Charged With Second-Degree Murder
03/22/22 Montgomery County Police Investigating Rockville Homicide
03/07/22 Montgomery County Police Investigate Fatal Stabbing in Bethesda
03/05/22 Suspect Arrested in Wheaton Homicide
03/01/22 Two Found Dead in Germantown - Montgomery County Police Homicide Investigating
02/28/22 Rockville Man Charged With First-Degree Murder
02/23/22 Two Silver Spring Men Arrested and Charged with Rockville Homicide
02/22/22 Detectives Investigate Gaithersburg Homicide
02/18/22 Detectives Investigate Rockville Homicide
02/11/22 Detectives Investigate Germantown Homicide; Victim's Name Released
01/29/22 Arrest Made in December Germantown Homicide
01/25/22 Detectives Investigate Homicide of 17-Year-Old Germantown Male; Victim’s Identity Released
01/14/22 Woman Struck and Killed by Husband in Bank Parking Lot
12/24/21 Germantown Homicide Victim Identified
12/23/21 Suspect Wanted in Connection With Silver Spring Homicide Arrested in Virginia
12/22/21 Three Teenagers Charged in Connection With Bethesda Homicide
12/21/21 Three Suspects Arrested and Charged In Connection With Bethesda Homicide
12/19/21 Detectives Investigate Rockville Homicide; Victim's Identity Released
12/08/21 Suspect Charged and Victim Identified following Fatal Stabbing in Downton Silver Spring
12/07/21 Suspect Wanted in Connection to November 30 Silver Spring Homicide
12/07/21 Silver Spring Stabbing Victim Dies From Injuries
12/01/21 Detectives Investigate Homicide in Silver Spring; Victim’s Identity Released
11/22/21 Detectives Investigate Silver Spring Homicide
11/11/21 Lakeforest Mall Homicide Victim Identified
11/04/21 Montgomery County Police Investigating Rockville Homicide
10/23/21 Montgomery County Police Continue to Investigate Homicide of Special Deputy Sheriff, Captain Hall
09/17/21 Multiple Suspects Arrested for 2017 Silver Spring Homicide
09/13/21 Victim's Identity Released in Silver Spring Homicide
09/11/21 Montgomery County Police Investigate Silver Spring Homicide
09/04/21 Suspect Arrested and Charged for Homicide on Baileys Court in Silver Spring
09/03/21 Second Arrest Made in Germantown Shooting
08/22/21 Montgomery County Police Major Crimes Division Investigating Death of Sixty-Two-Year-Old Man
08/21/21 Montgomery County Police Investigating Homicide in Silver Spring
08/19/21 Juvenile Charged in Germantown Shooting
08/18/21 Second Arrest Made in Wheaton Homicide
08/17/21 Montgomery County Police Investigate Germantown Homicide
08/13/21 Update : Suspect Arrested for Wheaton Area Homicide
08/11/21 Victim's Identity Released in Wheaton Area Homicide
08/10/21 Montgomery County Police Investigate Homicide in Wheaton Area
07/28/21 Montgomery County Police Charge 26-Year-Old with First Degree Murder for the Death of 92-Year-Old Woman
07/07/21 Detectives Continue to Investigate February 2021 Homicide of Tyshun Gary Jaheim Williams; Ask Public for Information
07/06/21 Detectives Continue to Investigate January 2021 Homicide of Russell Huffman; Ask Public for Information
07/03/21 Montgomery County Police Investigating Double Shooting in Silver Spring High Rise
06/30/21 Update: Suspect Charged in Bethesda Homicide
06/29/21 Suspects Wanted in Death of 18-year-old In Custody
06/26/21 Montgomery County Police Investigating Death of 66-Year-old Bethesda Man
06/23/21 Detectives Investigate Homicide in Fairland Area
06/16/21 Suspect Arrested for January 2021 Gaithersburg Homicide
05/21/21 Detectives Continue to Investigate 2020 Homicide of Robert Dockery; Ask Public for Information
05/13/21 Detectives Continue to Investigate 2020 Homicide of Dwayne Stanley, Jr.; Ask Public for Information
04/16/21 Suspect Arrested For Homicide in Boyds
04/14/21 Detectives Investigate Homicide in Boyds
03/25/21 Detectives Investigating Deaths of Two Adult Males in White Oak as Homicides
03/22/21 Three Suspects Charged in September 2020 Montgomery Village Homicide
03/15/21 Silver Spring Shooting Victim Dies of Injuries; Major Crimes Detectives Investigating Death as Homicide
03/08/21 Husband Arrested and Charged with Murder of Wife in North Kensington
03/03/21 Detectives Now Investigating Disappearance of Jose Gonzalez as Homicide; Seeking Information from Public/ Detectives están investigando ahora la desaparición de José González como homicidio; Búsqueda de información del público
02/05/21 Major Crimes Detectives Investigating Homicide in Gaithersburg
01/23/21 Suspect Arrested For Homicide on Veirs Mill Road in Wheaton Area
01/19/21 Suspect Arrested and Charged with January 18 Homicide in Hillandale
01/14/21 Detectives Investigate Homicide in Wheaton-Glenmont Area
01/12/21 Detectives Investigate Domestic-Related Homicide in Bel Pre Area; Arrest Warrant Issued for Suspect
01/10/21 Police Investigate Homicide in Gaithersburg
01/05/21 Detectives Investigating Homicide in Germantown
01/04/21 Detectives Investigating Domestic-Related Homicide in Clarksburg