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06/06/24 Suspect Arrested in Frederick Avenue Homicide
06/01/24 Suspect Wanted for Chevy Chase Murder Apprehended
05/23/24 Thirty-Two-Year-Old Arrested for Sexual Abuse; Additional Victims a Concern
05/16/24 Two Brothers Charged with Two Burglaries in Montgomery County
05/10/24 Clarksburg Teen Charged with Multiple Sexual Offenses
05/07/24 Driver Arrested Following Fatal Pedestrian Collision
05/02/24 Suspect Wanted for Attempted Sexual Assault Arrested
04/25/24 Driver Wanted in Hit and Run Located
04/24/24 Gaithersburg Man Arrested for Series of Burglaries
04/18/24 Rockville Teen Charged with Threats of Mass Violence
04/16/24 Forty-Six-Year-Old Charged with Second-Degree Rape; Possibility of Additional Victims a Concern
04/16/24 Sex Trafficking Investigation Leads to the Arrest of Two Female Suspects Operating Illicit Massage Parlors in Several Jurisdictions
04/11/24 Clarksburg Man Arrested for Possession of Drugs and Firearm
03/25/24 Hyattsville Man Charged with Rockville Home Invasion Robbery
03/22/24 Seventeen-Year-Old Arrested for Bethesda Armed Robbery
03/21/24 Three in Custody; Held Without Bond for Game Preserve Homicide
03/20/24 Two Juveniles Arrested for Gaithersburg Strong-Arm Robbery
03/18/24 Traffic Enforcement Initiative Leads to Thirteen DUI Arrests
02/27/24 Detectives Investigate Dunkin’ Donuts Armed Robbery; Surveillance Video of Suspect Released
02/26/24 MCPD-Violent Crime Information Center Helps to Identity Burglary Suspect
02/23/24 Bethesda Woman Arrested After Robbery and Assault
02/13/24 Frederick Man Arrested for Handgun Possession
02/05/24 Fourth Suspect Arrested in Connection with Bonifant Street Homicide
02/05/24 Sixty-Seven-Year-Old Man Arrested for Bethesda Residential Burglary
02/02/24 Two Adult Males Arrested for Grocery Store Theft
01/25/24 Suspect Arrested for Vehicle Theft; Linked to Multiple Crimes
01/18/24 2023 Holiday Alcohol Task Force Enforcement – Week 8
01/17/24 Eighteen-Year-Old Arrested for Two Carjackings; Detectives Continue to Search for Additional Suspects
01/11/24 Germantown Man Arrested in Connection with Frederick Road Fatality
01/10/24 MCPD Drone as First Responder in Action: Assists Officers in Apprehending Two Theft Suspects; Drone Footage Released
12/22/23 Two Males Arrested for 7-Eleven Armed Robbery
12/20/23 Clarksburg Man Arrested for Waters Road Shooting
12/20/23 Crime Solvers Tip Leads to Arrest in Bethesda Mail Theft; Additional Suspect Outstanding
12/19/23 Man Arrested in Connection with Thirty-One-Year-Old Rape Case; Possibility of Additional Victims a Concern
12/15/23 Third Lost Knife Murder Suspect Arrested
12/14/23 Two Teenagers Arrested for Rockville Armed Carjacking
12/14/23 Washington D.C. Man Arrested in Connection to New Hampshire Avenue Carjacking; Second Suspect Outstanding
12/13/23 Anonymous Tip Leads to Arrest in Bethesda Armed Robbery; Additional Suspects Outstanding
12/13/23 Three Teenagers Arrested for Bethesda Carjacking
12/08/23 Forty-Four-Year-Old Charged in Old MacDonald Road Homicide
12/08/23 Thirty-Two-Year-Old Arrested for Georgia Avenue Robbery
12/07/23 Silver Spring Man Charged in Connection with Death of Disabled Relative
12/04/23 Suspect Wanted in Connection with White Oak Homicide Arrested
11/27/23 Five Juveniles Charged in Connection to Armed Robbery
11/22/23 Montgomery County Department of Police Announces Drone as First Responder Program
11/22/23 Lost Knife Murder Suspects Arrested
11/21/23 Clarksburg Teen Charged with Attempted Murder
11/15/23 Montgomery County Police Make Multiple Carjacking and Auto Theft Arrests
11/09/23 Third Suspect Wanted for Bonifant Street Murder Arrested
11/09/23 Teen Arrested for the November Circle Shooting
10/27/23 Person Identified in Paint Branch High School Bomb Threat
10/27/23 Montgomery County Crime Solvers Tip Leads to Arrest; Anonymous Tipster Helped Police Identify Suspect
09/27/23 Fifty-Two-Year-Old Man Arrested and Charged for Mail Theft
09/15/23 Detectives Investigate Armed Robbery at Westfield Wheaton Mall; Surveillance Video of Suspects Released
09/12/23 Rockville Man Arrested for Auto Theft
09/11/23 Twenty-One-Year-Old Woman Charged with Second Degree Murder
09/07/23 Armed Carjacking Suspect Arrested
08/31/23 Teen Wanted for Damascus Homicide Arrested
08/30/23 Topgolf Shooting Suspect Arrested
08/25/23 Two Suspects Arrested for Bethesda Tobacco Shop Burglary
08/25/23 Two Adult Males Charged with Series of Residential Burglaries
08/21/23 Silver Spring Man Arrested for Illegally Installing Hidden Cameras in Airbnb; Possibility of Additional Victims a Concern
08/11/23 Washington D.C. Man Arrested and Charged with Attempted First-Degree Murder
07/26/23 Fugitive Wanted for 2010 Murder Extradited from Mexico
07/24/23 Clarksburg Man Arrested for Stealing Vehicle in Missouri
07/21/23 Olney Man Charged with Second-Degree Rape; Possibility of Additional Victims a Concern
07/19/23 Wanted Pack Retail Theft Suspect Turns Herself In
07/19/23 Two Men Arrested for Multiple Bethesda Thefts from Autos
07/17/23 Germantown Burglary Suspect Arrested
07/12/23 Silver Spring Homicide Suspect Arrested; Charged with First-Degree Murder
07/07/23 Montgomery County Auto Crimes Enforcement Detectives Apprehend Auto Theft Duo
07/07/23 Shooting Suspect Arrested; Charged With Attempted First-Degree Murder
07/06/23 Three Males Charged with Auto Theft Following Traffic Stop
07/02/23 Man Arrested in Connection with Hampshire Green Lane Shooting
06/30/23 Dealer Charged in Connection with Fentanyl Overdose of Silver Spring Man
05/31/23 Six Suspects Arrested in Connection With 2022 Murder
05/24/23 Wheaton Metro Homicide Suspect Arrested
05/24/23 Twenty-Eight-Year-Old Arrested for Stolen Semi-Automatic Rifle
05/22/23 Thirty-One-Year-Old Arrested and Charged with Multiple Thefts in Bethesda
05/17/23 Arrest Made in 2022 Home Invasion
05/17/23 Hombre Adulto Imputado De Violación En Primer Grado; La Posibilidad De Víctimas Adicionales Es Una Preocupación
05/08/23 Two Suspects Arrested for Armed Robbery
05/05/23 Twenty-Year-Old Man Arrested in Connection to Old Columbia Pike Homicide
05/04/23 Two Sixteen-Year-Olds Arrested for Robbery
05/03/23 Parents Charged With Second-Degree-Murder of Daughter
05/03/23 Detectives Investigate Residential Burglary on Castle Boulevard; Surveillance Video of Suspect Released
05/01/23 Adult Male Charged with Second-Degree Rape; Possibility of Additional Victims a Concern
04/20/23 Two Suspects Charged in Connection with 2021 Attempted Carjacking
04/19/23 Thirty-Five-Year-Old Man Charged with Indecent Exposure; Possibility of Additional Victims a Concern
04/17/23 Stabbing Suspect Arrested; Held Without Bond
04/12/23 Derwood Man Involved in Pursuit Arrested
04/06/23 Silver Spring Man Charged with Assault and Robbery; Investigators Looking for Additional Victims
03/21/23 Two Adult Males Arrested in Connection to Hampshire Green Lane Homicide
03/20/23 Detectives Arrest Gaithersburg Man for Attempted Kidnapping
03/17/23 Rockville Man Charged with Burglary
03/17/23 Detectives Arrest Two Suspects in Walkers Choice Road Shooting
03/15/23 Two Capitol Heights Men Arrested in Connection with Bonifant Street Homicide
03/13/23 Washington DC Man Charged With Multiple Counts of Carjacking and Attempted Murder
03/03/23 Over Two Thousand Fentanyl Pills Recovered Following Traffic Stop
02/28/23 Eighteen-Year-Old Arrested for Armed Robbery
02/24/23 Rockville Man Arrested and Charged for Robbery and Assault
02/17/23 Seven Juveniles Charged with Auto Theft
02/16/23 Two Waldorf Men Arrested for Possession of Handguns and Attempted Carjacking
02/14/23 Rockville Man Wanted for Murder Arrested in Missouri
02/14/23 Driver Charged in Connection With Double Fatal Pedestrian Collision
02/13/23 Mt. Airy Man Arrested for Solicitation of Minor; Other Victims a Concern
02/06/23 Detectives Arrest Suspect for Silver Spring Package Thefts
01/12/23 Arrest Made in October 2022 Shooting
01/11/23 Two Men Charged With Auto Theft Following Pursuit
01/11/23 McDonald's Stabbing Suspect Arrested
01/05/23 Silver Spring Man Arrested on Sex Trafficking Charges; Additional Victims a Concern
01/04/23 Two Men Arrested for Gaithersburg Carjacking
12/27/22 Detectives Arrest and Charge Three Suspects for Armed Robbery and Shooting
12/23/22 2010 Murder Suspect Awaiting Extradition to United States
11/29/22 Montgomery County Police Detectives Identify and Arrest Rapist in Forty-One-Year-Old Case
11/22/22 Three-Year-Old Killed in Fatal Collision; Mother Indicted
11/17/22 Thirty-Year-Old Arrested and Charged for Armed Carjacking and Armed Robbery; Detectives Attempt to Identify Second Suspect
11/16/22 Three Suspects Arrested for Armed Carjacking
11/07/22 Adult Male and Female Charged with Armed Robbery of Apple Store in Bethesda
11/01/22 Recent Homicide Arrest Marks 100 Percent Closure Rate for 2022
11/01/22 Three Males Facing Multiple Charges Following Armed Robbery and Police Pursuit
10/31/22 Silver Spring Man Indicted on Felony Hit and Run Charges
10/04/22 Three 14-Year-Olds Charged in Rockville Attempted Armed Carjacking
10/04/22 Good Samaritans Disarm and Detain 24-Year-Old Shooting Suspect
09/09/22 Man Arrested for July Shooting at Dash In Gas Station
09/07/22 Montgomery County Police Close Fifty-One-Year-Old Cold Case
08/05/22 Frederick Man With Long History of Bank Robberies Held Without Bond